Many people go abroad....for the food. However, what about the unfortunate ones who are stuck in Binghamton and constantly have their newsfeed filled with tredelnik and home-made Italian pasta? It may not be ideal, but the Binghamton University market place is full of foods from all around the world, which can satiate that foreign flavor, but probably isn't as Insta-worthy. 

Since Binghamton is a state school, many people might think it is not diverse and is home to students from the Tri-state area. Yes, it may appear this way, but Binghamton is in fact extremely diverse!

Binghamton is .1% American Indian, 15.9% Asian, 11.5% Hispanic and is also 10.1% international, with students from over 100 countries

You may be thinking, what do percentages have to do with food, except that you should always eat 100% of it. To get to my point, the Market Place in Binghamton is full of so many different cuisines which is very accommodating to its diverse student body. Every option is delicious and really makes you wish you were traveling abroad. But since many travel abroad for the food, lets take a little trip through the market place.

1) Cakes and Eggs

Even though many tend to skip it, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should be eaten regularly. So why not make it yummy? At Cake and Eggs, they offer eggs, (who would've thought?!), but wait for it, they're surrounded by bread. It's amazing. This well-balanced meal is the perfect start for a long college day. No need to go to France for those fluffy omelettes anymore. 

avocado, cheese, bacon, scrambled, egg
Maddie Kapelus

2) Chick n' Bap

If there is one place I would like to travel, it is definitely Greece or the Middle East. (no rhyming intended). The waters of the Mediterranean are such a pretty blue that there is only one thing missing from this view: the food. Here is where chicken bap comes in. Chick'n Bap is Korean glazed chicken or lamb with yellow or white rice and additives like lettuce or gyro. Adding the white and green sauce is a must. This meal sounds simple, but the flavors complement each other and will make you feel as if you're in the Middle East. Even though this may not be the most calorically low meal, it will fill you up all day. 

rice, vegetable, chicken, lettuce, salad, cabbage
Maddie Kapelus

3) Mein Bowl

I don't know about you, but I always crave Chinese food, which is why I love having access to it. Mein Bowl is essentially Chipotle, but Chinese style. One can get a rice or a lo mein base and has choices of many different meats and vegetables. I would 10/10 recommend the orange chicken. Orange you glad I told you this? The best part, though, is how happy the servers look when they prepare your meal for you. Tip: if you say you love their chicken, they'll give you double. 

pork, chicken, rice
Maddie Kapelus

4) Hissho Sushi

We just discussed Chinese food, so let's keep it in the family and discuss the Japanese food! Although it may look small, Hissho Sushi is filled with so many different sushi rolls that anyone should be able to find something that please their tastebuds. But the dreaded question remains, what if none of their many options pleases you? Hissho offers a make-your-own-roll specialty, where you guessed it, you make your own roll. If that doesn't please you, then maybe sushi isn't your thing. 

beer, tea, sushi
Maddie Kapelus

5) Pandini's

Everyone loves Italy and it is not solely due to the fact their men  have extremely cute accents. Their high-carb, high-cheese, high-sauce foods provide the ultimate amount of comfort and leave everyone saying, "Mama Mia." At Pandini's, there are so many different options of everyone's favorite Italian foods. Pastas, Brick oven Pizza, salads, sandwiches, folded pizza shells that are filled with a fusion of flavors. This is something worth delaying your summer bod for. Trust me, the Italian men will understand. 

cheese, sauce, crust, mozzarella, dough, pepperoni, pizza
Maddie Kapelus

6) Moghul

How do you know you're in India? The aroma and spiciness of all of their foods. That same sensation happens when you walk into the marketplace. We sense this strong, curry-like smell, and our spidey senses drag us to one place: Moghul. 

wine, beans, tea, beer, coffee
Maddie Kapelus

7) Tully's

It's in the movies, it's in the commercials: America is known for its obesity. That is why Tully's is the perfect fast food chain to have on campus. It will certainly help with fulfilling the freshmen 15! Although it is known for its various kinds of flaming, fried chicken, there are some healthy alternatives. For instance, there power rice blend salad is definitely a fan favorite and makes Tully more appealing to many. 

salad, chicken
Maddie Kapelus

8) Salad place

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a make your own salad bar! Doesn't all of that fried food talk make you crave healthy salads? This make-your-own salad station is in the middle of the market place, so you can't pretend like you missed it! With lines extending towards Starbucks, this this place is really hit. For all of those from Westchester, it will remind you of Chop't!

salad, spinach
Maddie Kapelus

Red Mango 

Now that we're still on this healthy grind, let's discuss my favorite part of the market place: Red Mango! Red mango is healthy, refreshing, and yummy. With smoothies, fro-yo, and parfaits, you can't go wrong. They recently added Acaí bowls to their menu which are apparently in these days, so now you can be trendy and refreshed in one spoonful. Also, Red Mango always has smoothie samples, so if you don't want to wait on that long line, you get a small burst of energy. Just don't pull a me and take more than one sample!

Maddie Kapelus