Scented Leaf tea is what gets me through the day. With their refill policy, it's hard not to fall in love. Your second cup of tea only costs $1 and your third is free! Whether you're about to start your day or just need a refresher before your next class, Scented Leaf is the place to be. With a menu so large, how does one decide what kind of iced tea they should be sipping on during this extremely hot weather? I'm here to help; here are the nine (in no particular order) best drinks to order the next time you're at Scented Leaf.

1. Papaya Passion

beer, coffee, tea
Gabriella Vukelic

This is the iced tea that got me hooked to Scented Leaf. You can truly taste the passion these baristas use to make this one of a kind tea.

2. Raspberry Rose 

3. Apple Fig

4. Fruit Gusher

5. Green Tea Mango

This refresher hits the spot. Make sure to add strawberry lemonade to make it even fruitier. 

6. Prickly Pear

7. Positively Peach

8. Green Tea Peach

wine, tea, coffee, beer
Gabriella Vukelic

9. Ginger Peach Black

beer, tea
Gabriella Vukelic

Did you know that there's a new Scented Leaf location downtown? Make sure to go check it out as they have certain teas that aren't offered at the on-campus location! I recommend medium sweet for all of their teas.