We live in Austin, a city that takes sustainability very seriously. Everywhere we look, there is another farmers' market or a new way to compost your trash. We're even home to the first zero-waste grocery store in America. So why not take these ideas and put them toward the way we eat? Check out these restaurants in Austin for some of the best food you can get, while staying conscious of the environment.

1. Odd Duck

cream, bacon, ice, ice cream
Hayden Pigott

Odd Duck's sustainable menu is created around the Texas seasons and demonstrates the restaurant's commitment to local farmers. While you're there, try the Grilled Mustard Green Pizza — it comes with glorious habanero ranch, which you'll end up dunking every bite of pizza in. End your meal with a flaky, buttery, fresh-baked coffee croissant.

2. Hillside Farmacy

toast, egg, scrambled, bacon
Hayden Pigott

Home to one of the city's best breakfasts, Hillside Farmacy is also one of the most sustainable restaurants in Austin. It sources ingredients from places like Durham Ranch, Springdale Farms, and Rinnger Family Farms. Their Big Brekkie is a must-have, and it features farm-fresh eggs, locally-sourced bacon and bread from Texas French Bread. 

3. Barley Swine

sweet, bread
Hayden Pigott

Odd Duck's sister restaurant Barley Swine is the perfect place to dine al fresco. Start your meal with the hatch chile cheese pretzel — when you take the first bite, warm cheese oozes into your mouth. After that, get the grilled potatoes with pickles and the ricotta dumplings for a perfectly scrumptious meal. Barley Swine features produce from Fruitful Hill Farms, Houston Dairymaids, Phoenix Farms and Johnson's Backyard Garden. 

4. Olamaie

bread, butter, cream, egg yolk, egg, dairy product
Hayden Pigott

Southern, locally-sourced contemporary food is exactly what Olamaie is dishing out on their earthenware plates in downtown Austin. Located a few blocks from the Capitol, Olamaie serves up some of the best biscuits I've ever had. Make sure to get the Biscuit and Gravy — it comes with a sunny side-up egg, sorghum and country sausage. The egg provides a silky smooth contrast to the buttery, crumbly biscuit. 

5. Texas French Bread

milk, chocolate, pancake, cappuccino, espresso, tea, coffee
Hayden Pigott

If you are looking for a sustainable bite near campus, look no further than Texas French Bread, which offers delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner. For lunch, have a sandwich made with their house-made bread, fresh deli cuts and accompanied with a side of chips and salsa. Make sure to grab a homemade, big-as-your-head ginger cookie before you head back to campus. 

6. Salty Sow

egg, french fries
Hayden Pigott

If Michelle Obama ate here, you should too, right? Salty Sow is an sustainable American-style gastropub that serves food from local farms. If you love french fries, get their duck fat fries which are deliciously crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. End your meal with the butterscotch dessert — it will rock your world. 

From Southern contemporary to breakfast and brunch foods, it isn't hard to eat locally and sustainably in Austin. Make sure to check out all of these amazing restaurants to eat some great food while being conscious of our environment.