So you're going to Rhode Island. First, congrats - you're headed to the state with the best beaches, the best food, and the nicest people (all scientifically proven, I swear). Providence is the coolest new city, so you're bound to spend a lot of time there. 

As a Native Rhode Islander, I have spent a fair share of time checking out all the good Rhode Island eats.

From all my scientific research (aka eating), I have determined all the best places to eat in Rhody. Here is my definitive guide to Rhode Island eats from a local.


Nick's on Broadway

Located in the West End of Providence - this location is sure to wow you. Its got a fresh and bougie menu that will have you planning your Insta before your food arrives. 

Wayland Square Diner

Locals will probably refer to this place as Ruffles (the OG name ), but Wayland Square Diner is still an East Side favorite for that classic American diner breakfast.

Bagel Gourmet Olé

Voted best bagels in RI like 1000000 times, BGO is a must-go, can't-leave-the-state-without-trying type of shop. Just look at the avocado. They know what's up.

Cool Beans Café

Blocks away from one of the best beaches in the state, Cool Beans is the best place to chill out before spending the day at Narragansett Town Beach. It may only be ranked as the best açaí in RI, but I high-key think it's the best of all time.


Caserta Pizza

Federal Hill is Lil' Rhody's Little Italy, and it's where some of the best RI Italian restaurants are located. Caserta Pizza is a local phenomenon, and you gotta try out their rectangular slices (it'll make you forget all about the shitty middle school version). 

Venda Ravioli

Also located on Federal Hill, Venda is an Italian classic. Visit their indoor deli for some prosciutto and mozz, or stay outside for an chill lunch by the fountain. 

The Mooring

With a harbor-side view located on the legendary Thames St. in Newport, this upscale eatery is a must. You have to order the bag of doughnuts (it's basically fried seafood); you'll thank me later. 


Al Forno

If you come to Al Forno and don't order pizza and baked pasta, you will regret it for the rest of your existence, believe me. The pizza's even recognized as one of the nation's best. 

La Masseria

So I included two pasta dishes in a row...are you surprised? Offended? Don't be, Rhode Island is the land where everyone is somehow Italian. Especially at La Masseria in East Greenwich, and they know exactly what they're doing. This authentic Italian restaurant also has locations in Palm Beach and NYC, so it's legit.

Matunuck Oyster Bar

It's Rhode Island, you gotta go to a seafood place for fresh fish and a water view. I would highly recommend their lobster rolls, as well.

Besos Kitchen and Cocktails

Located on Main St. in East Greenwich, Besos offers a romantic and sophisticated atmosphere alongside a killer menu full of classics. 


Brickley's Ice Cream

A Lil' Rhody favorite, most Rhode Islanders can't drive home from Gansett Beach without stopping here. No shame, I legit stopped by here on my way to prom. Every scoop is homemade and so addictive. TripAdvisor even considers it the 8th best ice cream in the country, so you know it's quality. 

Pasta Beach

You actually have to try their dessert Nutella & Strawberry Pizza. With locations in Providence and Newport, you can tour the Newport Mansions or walk the Cliff Walk to work up an appetite for a meal at this RI favorite.


For a cozy atmosphere full of homemade cakes and treats, stop here after dinner at Federal Hill in Providence.


Seven Stars Bakery

This may or may not be Ansel Elgort's favorite place. It's actually probably not, but he did shoot a scene here for his recent movie, November Criminals. Come here for a buzzing atmosphere and the best gingerbread star cookies. 

White Electric 

A funky, West End delicacy, White Electric is the best place to go for a quick iced coffee and a bagel. If you're looking to grind, it's also a great place to do some work.

PVD Donuts

A newish eatery in Rhody's capital, this donut shop is already a place that sells out fast. Spoon even voted it as one of RI's best. Donut forget to go early to secure a bite.

Rhody cuisine is seriously underrated, and you gotta try out all their great foods for a true taste of Rhode Island's seafood specialties, Italian heritage, and so much more. Happy eating and see you around the best state in the USA!

*Special shoutout to my mom and friends for their RI foodie opinions and contributing to this article!*