Doing a quick roundup of the best Rhode Island coffee shops was no easy task for a latte lover like me, but I think I got the job done. Grab your gang and hit up these cool cafes to snag a cup of joe and bring some much-needed caffeine into your life.

New Harvest Coffee Roasters, Providence

New Harvest is a roastery churning out high-quality coffee to distribute throughout the state. They wholesale to many of the shops on this list, and there's a reason why; their coffee is the absolute best. They also have their own location in ProvCity, so drop in and grab a cup.

Shayna's Place, Wickford

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Taylor Berlinsky

Shayna's is one of my favorite places, not only on this list, but just in general. It's a family-run business named after the owners' daughter who has Down Syndrome (which they call Up Syndrome because Shayna does nothing but raise people up). You can often find her in her DJ booth playing sweet jams for customers to enjoy while they munch on fresh sandwiches, salads, baked goods, smoothies and juices, acai bowls (absolute yumminess) and coffee, of course. Truly an awesome, welcoming place.

Bolt Coffee Co., Providence

Bolt has two incredibly unique locations: the first floor of a hotel and at RISD Museum. Tell me that's not cool. Their interior decorating at each is equally cool in my professional opinion, and to top it all off, they sell donuts from KNEAD Doughnuts (AKA the shop that sells the most delicious piece of heaven that will ever be placed in my mouth). And their coffee outshines all of that, so you'd better go experience the awesomeness yourself

Main Street Coffee, East Greenwich

If coffee + alcohol = a dream come true for you, then this is your new home. Main Street Coffee serves espresso martinis. Just give that a minute to sink in.

The Shop, Providence

The Shop is one of my favorites on this list. If you're looking for a place with #aesthetic, then this is it. Their coffee and food are not only delicious, but definitely Instagram-worthy, as is the rustic interior design. If you ever need a cozy place to chill, come here.

The Nitro Cart, Providence (and a little bit everywhere else)

If you haven't heard of nitro cold brew before, it's pretty much coffee infused with nitrogen gas. It's supposed to be richer and creamier than your regular cup of iced coffee, AKA perfect. The Nitro Cart primarily serves their yummy brew out of a cart in Providence, but also in some of my favorite place in Little Rhody. You can find it at PVDonuts (if you haven't been there, go now), Eli's Kitchen, The Shanty, Crazy Burger (my all time fave), StockPVD, and Waters Church.

The Duck and Bunny, Providence

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Taylor Berlinsky

The Duck and Bunny is a snuggery, which is a "cozy and comfortable place." True to this definition, the cafe is just that. With a comfy atmosphere, they serve brunch, coffee and tea, crepes, cupcakes (which were clearly too tempting for my friend to wait two seconds for me to snap a pic) and more. The best time to visit is during the summer when their adorable garden is open for dining.

Cool Beans Cafe, Narragansett

Drop by Cool Beans after a day of sunny, sandy fun at Narragansett Beach. It's within walking distance, and grabbing an iced coffee and acai bowl will be the refreshing cherry on top of your day. This cafe has cool vibes, cooler food, and the coolest beans.

Small Point Cafe, Providence

Located on Westminster Street, one of my favorite spots in the capital city, Small Point is a relaxed cafe that serves up organic, fair trade coffee. This cafe fits right in with the funky shops and restaurants surrounding it. They get creative with their latte art, experimenting with anything from rainbows to animals.

The Nook Coffee House, East Greenwich

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Taylor Berlinsky

This has quickly become my go-to place for any occasion. Old friend in town? Go to The Nook. Have tons of studying and homework to get done? Go to The Nook. Need a quick coffee and muffin before work? Go to The Nook. If you're ever looking for me, I'll probably be there.

Coffee Exchange, Providence

Coffee Exchange is a rustic and unique shop that features beans from around the world. Their mission is to support sustainability and fair trade while serving only the best organic coffee. They partner with several organizations that have the same ideals in mind, and all of this really shows in each cup of coffee they crank out.

The Beehive Cafe, Bristol

Welcome to The Beehive. This place is all the buzz. Their menu is full of locally sourced, seasonal foods including yummy espresso drinks, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and pastries. You pretty much can't go wrong here because they always have a little bit of everything.

Sydney, Providence

Sydney is a brand new cafe that opened in December 2016. Its Australian inspired food is fresh and yummy, and their coffee is even better. Drop in if you want to chill in an upscale, yet comfy community atmosphere and spoon some of outrageous hot cocoa (available on the DL as a secret menu special).

Coffee Grinder, Newport

This tiny shop is the definition of coffee with a view. It's located at the end of Bannister's Wharf, so it's the perfect place to rest your feet after a stroll across town. Grab a cup and sit outside to enjoy the view of Newport harbor all year round.

Dave's Coffee, Charlestown and Providence

Dave's is near the top of my list, and they serve certified organic roasts and delicious baked goods. Stopping in is quite the hipster experience. The honey latte is a unique drink that I haven't seen elsewhere, so I'd definitely recommend that, along with a bottle of their coffee syrup to go.

Jitters Cafe, North Kingstown

Jitters is perfectly located just a short drive away from the high school I went to, and people went there religiously for their morning brew. The lines were out the door every morning, and you know the coffee is good when high schoolers wake up earlier than necessary to grab some before school. My little sis was lucky enough to land a job there while she's still in school, so you better believe I use her employee discount when I can.

Ellie's Bakery, Providence

This cute, Parisian cafe will take you on a trip directly to France. As if smell of fresh baked goods wafting through the air isn't good enough, they have great coffee to pair them with. My personal favorite it their latte paired a few French macarons (which change flavors monthly, aside from the signature collection). They also offer baking classes, but they book up super fast, so make your reservation wayyy in advance!

White Electric Coffee, Providence

True to its name, the coffee at White Electric is actually electrifying. Not really, but you get the picture. I thoroughly enjoy this hipster cafe and am in love with their iced mocha, so get that. And love it.

Happy coffee journeys.