Summer has come and that means one thing: endless trips to the Hamptons. Whether you’re a regular or a newbie, the Hamptons is an extraordinary place to spend the summer.

For many, a typical day in the Hamptons includes relaxing on the beach, jet skiing or boating on the bay, or just exploring each town. For me, the icing on the cake is at the end of the night, when you have the chance to embrace the endless warm nights. A way of taking in this experience in is to go to an outdoor restaurant, which includes a breathtaking sunset, lots of seafood, and live entertainment. Whether it’s on the beach, bay, or just in one of the towns, there are many options to choose from.

1. Dockers Waterside


Photo courtesy of @annie_yeona on Instagram

If you are looking for a restaurant close to the beach, a fun night with entertainment, or to get a picture of a breathtaking sunset, then this is the place to dine. The lobster for dinner or crab cake benedicts for brunch is the way to go. Be prepared to shell out on some seafood.

2. John Scott’s Surf Shack


Photo courtesy of @tracymeltzer on Instagram

Another place with amazing food, perfect for live music, and sunsets as well. They’re known for their “famous” wings, hamburgers, fish and chips, and of course their lobster roll. Not near the Hamptons? Check out other places with excellent lobster rolls from both the West and East Coasts.

3. Backbar Grille


Photo courtesy of @kellymccaffrey on Instagram

Missing deep fried late night munchies after a fun college party? Backbar Grille is definitely your spot.  Although they have fantastic seafood from fish tacos to fried clams, they offer a variety of fried food if you’re having a midsummer craving for college food, from mozzarella sticks to mac and cheese bites. You can even try to make your own mozzarella sticks in your own kitchen.

4. Oakland’s Restaurant & Marina


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Might be a long wait, but definitely worth it. The Oakland’s Restaurant & Marina has a bar containing a variety of drinks while waiting tirelessly. Don’t want a schmooze and booze? Take a walk on the walkway to look at the boats. 

5. Rumba


Photo courtesy of @naderaxo on Instagram

Rumba has a great inspired island cuisine and rum bar, perfect for a Hamptons night out. Another great deal that is included is Taco Tuesday, it is $10 with a choice of three different types of tacos, or have your own Taco Tuesday.

6. CowFish


Photo courtesy of @julie_sassycat on Instagram

Feels as if you’re eating on a small island with live music, which sure is lots of fun. It has unique food, including its crab and shrimp remoulade. Crab and shrimp together is always great, especially in quesadillas.

7. The Lobster Roll


Photo courtesy of @revolve on Instagram

If you know just a little about the Hamptons, you’ve definitely heard of this place out in Amagansett. Endless lobster roll is made each and every day. Not only lobster roll, but lobster sliders, homemade lobster seafood bisque, lobster bowl, and much more. It’s honestly shellfish galore.

8. Margarita Grille


Photo courtesy of @long_fork_island on Instagram

This restaurant is for everyone, whether you like Mexican or American food. They have tacos, quesadillas, and burritos, but also a variety of burgers. You also cannot leave without getting one of their classic margaritas. 

9. The Canal Café


Photo courtesy of @danikornbluh on Instagram

One of many favorites looked forward towards each summer! To start, it is a must to splurge on the guacamole and chips and then make your way towards eating some of the best sandwiches, whether it’s the fried shrimp hero, grilled chicken sandwich or famous lobster roll. Not only should you be prepared for fantastic food options, but also be prepared for a great view overlooking the bay and watching all of the boats docking in or out.