Lobster rolls may be a must-have in the east coast, but this east coast fare is gaining popularity in the west coast. Some of these eateries are dishing out some of the most extravagant sandwiches that put East coast lobster rolls to the test.

1. Supernatural Sea to Sandwich

Photo courtesy of @brandonriffic on Instagram

Located in San Diego, this seafood sandwich spot is serving up some interesting sandwiches! From their lobster rolls to their fish sandwiches, these sandwiches definitely hit the spot if you’re craving seafood. They’re sandwiches are smothered in their homemade sauces that complement the seafood well. They provide the option to add additional toppings, including a fried egg, avocado, or bacon. Be prepared to see a menu with interesting, nautical-themed sandwich names as well, such as the Nessie, Neptune, and the Siren. Check out our review here.

2. Cody’s La Jolla

Photo courtesy of Sandra Shu

Hidden on the menu of this famous San Diego brunch spot is their lobster roll. Served on a perfectly buttered brioche bun, these lobster rolls are ginormous and piled high with fresh, warmed lobster. It comes with a generous portion of fries and coleslaw, which adds additional volume to their huge lobster roll portions.

3. Ironside Fish & Oyster Bar

Photo courtesy of @ahintofspice on Instagram

With its fancy bar and outdoor seating, this oyster bar in Little Italy of San Diego has perfectly made lobster rolls next to a side of their crisp, seasoned fries. This restaurant is a popular seafood eatery, so be sure to reserve a seat in advance!

4. Herringbone

Photo courtesy of @whitneybond on Instagram

A bougie looking eatery with a nautical theme, Herringbone serves their lobster rolls on a fresh brioche bun with lobster mixed with a touch of mayonnaise. This is definitely the place to go for a special occassion or for any formal outting.

5. Connie & Ted’s

Photo courtesy of @eater_la on Instagram

An LA eatery, Connie and Ted’s offers a variety of seafood sandwiches as well as oysters. You can have your lobster roll warmed and drenched in butter or cold and mixed with mayonnaise.

6. Slapfish

Photo courtesy of @thrillist on Instagram

Slapfish is the place to be if you are in love with lobsters. With several locations, Slapfish puts lobster on their rolls, their grilled cheeses, and even their fries.

7. Old Port Lobster Shack

Photo courtesy of @maggieeats on Instagram

With an old, sailor-themed venue, Old Lobster Shack is a popular spot for lobster rolls in the Bay Area. Their tables and chairs consist of wooden benches and long tables, to add to the sea-side experience when eating here. Dedicated to bringing the east coast feel to their diners, the restaurant serves lobster rolls that definitely give people a taste of the East Coast.

8. Hungry Cat

Photo courtesy of @thehungrycat on Instagram

A quaint little seafood shop with multiple locations in Los Angeles, The Hungry Cat is dedicated to serving fresh seafood items, including their to-die-for lobster rolls. Piled on a buttered roll, their lobster is perfectly seasoned and garnished with parsley, a squeeze of lemon, and a side of fries.

9. Guardino’s

Photo courtesy of @hyffood on Instagram

What’s a better experience of San Francisco than walking next the pier and tasting the famous SF seafood. One of the stalls on the streets in Fisherman’s Wharf, called Guardino’s, is serving up lobster rolls that definitely represent SF’s seafood well.

10. Santa Monica Seafood

Photo courtesy of @girliemee on Instagram

Santa Monica Seafood looks like a seafood market that is serving fresh-catch to its customers. Most notable is their lobster rolls, which are simple yet delicious. For only $19, their lobster rolls are stuffed with fresh lobster and come with fries in a basket-like tray to add to the simplicity.

11. Hinoki & the Bird

Photo courtesy of @infatuation on Instagram

A lobster roll on a squid ink bun? Is this Instagram worthy or what! This innovative seafood eatery puts an Asian spin on their lobster rolls by adding Thai green curry and basil.

12. New England Lobster Market & Eatery

Photo courtesy of @jomamaseats on Instagram

Located in the Bay Area, this lobster roll eatery not only serves aesthetically pleasing trays of seafood, but delicious ones as well! You can opt for additional toppings to your lobster roll, such as avocado or bacon.

13. Wicked Maine Lobster

Photo courtesy of @wanting.su on Instagram

Located in the Liberty Public Market in San Diego, Wicked Maine Lobster, which has their own food truck, is dishing out some of the best lobster rolls in San Diego. Be prepared to stand in a line that’s worth the wait once you sink your teeth into one of their amazing lobster rolls

14. Son of a Gun

Photo courtesy of @lanouvellechic on Instagram

Son of a Gun is serving up lobster rolls that are delicious, petite, and bite-sized. These tiny lobster roll sliders are an interesting spin on the usual lobster roll. Tossed in lemon aioli and topped with celery, these tiny gems will make you crave another after the first bite.

15. Blue Plate Oysterette

Photo courtesy of @blueplateoysterette on Instagram

This seafood eatery has an old-time feel that provides indoor and outdoor seating. Their popular item on the menu is the lobster roll, which can be served either with mix-ins or with nothing besides the fresh Maine lobster itself.

16. Joan’s on Third

Photo courtesy of @meldee3 on Instagram

Though famous for their brunch faire, Joan’s on Third has a secret lobster roll on their menu that is piled high with lobster and fries. Be sure to ask your server for this secret item!

17. Water Grill-Downtown

Photo courtesy of @lagrubguide on Instagram

Water Grill has multiple locations in Southern California and has an old, east-coast, bougie feel to its atmosphere. Amongst their delicious seafood options, including their large platters of fresh oysters, their lobster rolls are a popular item. With a traditional style of mixing their lobster with only butter, this simple way is what makes their sandwiches a fan favorite.

18. Salt Air

Photo courtesy of @saltairvenice on Instagram

For a great seafood restaurant that offers an exceptional cocktail select, check out Salt Air! Their lobster rolls come with potato chips and are served the “Connecticut-Style,” with super snap peas and scallions.

19. Woodhouse Fish Co.

Photo courtesy of @infatuation_sf on Instagram

What more is there to say when you are faced with a huge lobster roll from Woodhouse Fish Co. The lobster rolls at this seafood eatery are stuffed to the max with lobster. With an old maritime environment, this SF seafood food is a must-stop if you are visiting the city.

20. EMC Seafood & Raw Bar

Photo courtesy of @bessb on Instagram

Fancy yet delicious, EMC is a popular seafood spot for the seafood pasta and oyster fix. However, let’s not forget about their lobster rolls, served on a butter-griddled brioche bun and topped with sea salt.

 21. Knuckle & Claw

Photo courtesy of @heyromee on Instagram

Amongst the variety of seafood sandwiches they offer, the lobster roll is the go-to on the menu whenever people come dine at Knuckle and Claw. Their sandwiches are served on a sourdough bun, with melted cheese to add additional uniqueness.

22. Sam’s Chowder House

Photo courtesy of @nicki.hamilton on Instagram

What more can you ask for when you sit in front of a sandwich the size of your face at Sam’s Chowder House, stuffed to the brim with fresh lobster. This popular, Bay Area, seafood restaurant is bringing the east coast to the west coast, with devine clam chowder and lobster rolls that have more lobster meat than their buns can hold.

23. Petrossian

Photo courtesy of @uniboys on Instagram

You know this place serves superb lobster roll when they top it off with uni and caviar. Petrossian is a high-end restaurant, known for fine delicacies like caviar and uni, and their lobster rolls will definitely make you feel like a million bucks–literally.

24. Cousin’s Maine Lobster

Photo courtesy of @sunnymichel on Istagram

Offering seafood grub on their food track or at their restaurant, Cousins Maine Lobster is the place to be if you love lobsters! Not only are you getting a bang for your buck when you get a lobster roll from here, but you are also getting an authentic taste of east coast lobster rolls.

25. Anchor and Hope

Photo courtesy of @modernyogi11 on Instagram

In the financial district of San Francisco, Anchor and Hope is a fancy oyster spot that serves lobster rolls with a side of tator tots–a throwback to middle school right? At this place, it’s all about the bread they serve their lobster rolls on: a glossy, soft brioche bun heated with a good dose of butter.