It's been a long time waiting but Ottawa's finally got its very first cat café! Feline Café is located in Hintonburg AKA the birthplace of Suzy Q. Having first established in Hintonburg, you know that it's going to be great space.

pizza, coffee, tea, beer
Lui Xia Lee

This cafe was started off with a Kickstarter campaign last fall which received nearly $7,000 from 195 people to launch the café — $1,800 above the original goal. Early this spring, the café was opened and being a lover of fluffy animals, I made my way to these kitties. 

beer, coffee, tea
Lui Xia Lee

Besides being a great place for people to share a space with adorable fluffballs, the owner hopes that people will take the time to consider them for adoption. All the cats in the café come from  Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue and are ready to be adopted. You can find a list of cats ready to be adopted as you enter the cafe. Talk about an a-meow-zing cause.

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Lui Xia Lee

The space where these felines roam are separate from the general cafe and food-preparing zone so don't worry about fur getting into your meal and/or beverage. The cat zone has certain rules that you must abide by but they are all for the safety and comfort of the cats.

Lui Xia Lee

When I was there, the four cats present were being the cool cats that they were, minding their own business and snoozing away. All the cats were incredibly well-groomed and super soft — I swear, they were perfect cuddling material.

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Lui Xia Lee

It was a great space to be in as the environment was super spacious and welcoming. 

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Lui Xia Lee

The sweet treats they offer for humans include coffee, tea, desserts, sandwiches, and salads. Instead of ordering drinks with dairy milk, the drinks come with a choice of either soy, almond or coconut milk. As you can see, food and drinks there are vegan too so it's extremely animal-considerate. 

So if you're in need for some cat therapy or just need a spacious area to hang out, go to Feline Café because that's where the cool cats go.