One of the biggest challenges I have faced since becoming a vegan has been finding a good spot to enjoy vegan brunch. Brunch culture is all about eggs, bacon, and fluffy pancakes, so trying to eat a dairy and meat-free feast is hard to accomplish. 

Since coming home for the summer, I’ve been working hard to scope out the ultimate Ottawa brunch spots for my fellow vegans. After digging deep into Yelp and Google, I've narrowed it down to five amazing vegan brunch spots in Canada's capital. 

Union Street Café

This tiny café is tucked away in the neighbourhood of New Edinburgh, and offers the vegan foodie's equivalent of heaven—avocado toast. You can enjoy your loaded toast alongside a latté or one of Union Street's daily plant-based soups. This is a great place to enjoy brunch, whether solo or with a friend.

Pure Kitchen

In my very first post for Spoon, I gushed about Pure Kitchen's amazing lunch menu. I was surprised to learn that this great plant-based restaurant also offers a breakfast menu with an abundance of options for the perfect vegan brunch. Pure Kitchen serves chia pudding, smoothie bowls, smashed potatoes, and more.

Grow Your Roots

Grow Your Roots is a vegan café in Kanata that is well worth the drive. Their breakfasts are Insta-ready and look just like "normal" brunch—Eggs Benny, sausages, and cheese are all listed on the menu. This is the perfect place to bring a non-vegan friend who doesn't believe that your brunch can be just as tasty.

Wilf and Ada's

Although their online menu doesn't show it yet, Wilf & Ada's Veggie Classic brunch dish now comes with the option of replacing your eggs with scrambled tofu. Alongside some delicious home fries and greens, this is the perfect vegan brunch for any Ottawa hipsters.

Café My House

My fellow writer Hannah has already done a great piece on why Café My House is perfect for vegan brunch, and I couldn't agree more. The café has a little sweet, a little savoury, and a lot of yummy on its menu, so check it out the next time you're on Wellington street.

Now that you know the best places for vegan brunch in Ottawa, you can suggest one of them to your squad the next time someone brings up brunch in the group chat. Have fun!