My love for cats is probably unhealthy but I prefer the term "enthusiastic." I am the type of girl who will cry while watching a cat video because I cannot contain my joy at the amount of floof and the meows cat's make. When I see a cat my face lights up with dorky joy that I I just want to spread to the rest of the world. This joy is explained below by the emotional stages that fellow cat enthusiasts will relate to when visiting a cat cafe.

1) Body Shaking Excitement and Large Dorky Smiles

cake, coffee, beer, tea
Jordan Burns

In this stage as you can see, your body will become filled to the brim of immense joy that only cats can bring you. You will shake like a kid who drank too much Sunny D and smile like you just won free tuition. While waiting for your reservation at the cat cafe to start you are bouncing up and down begging to just hold that kitty in the window.

2) Impatience While Learning the Rules

tea, beer, pizza
Jordan Burns

As you are ordering your coffee and pastries, you are overwhelmed at the floof surrounding you. You are unable to pay attention to the rules because you need to pet cats NOW.

3) Overdose of Cat Loving

Jordan Burns

You have made it! You are in and are now waiting for tea to come. You pounce from floor to floor of the cat cafe, unable to decide on which cats to love. Every feline you see you pick  up and profess your undying love and loyalty to them because they are the best things to happen in your life.

4) Losing Your Human Identity for that of a Cat's

tea, pizza, beer, coffee
Jordan Burns

Once you have professed your deepest love to all of the cats, you realize that you too are a cat. You learn to accept that you were never meant to be a human, and surrender yourself to looking majestically out the window along with your new cat family.

5) Beginning to Get Back to Your Sense of Reality

beer, coffee, tea
Jordan Burns

You are now half way through your reservation and sipping on your jasmine tea and macaroons. You begin to realize that you are are in fact not a cat, but learn to accept that your love for them is a vital part of your identity.

6) Find Acceptance Among Fellow Cat Enthusiasts

pizza, beer
Jordan Burns

You begin to socialize with the other living creatures in the cat cafe that are not cats. You find that others are just as crazy in their love for cats as you are, and you find your niche when you bond with these other cat enthusiasts.

7) Panic as You Realize You Did Bring Work to Be Productive

beer, tea, coffee, pizza
Jordan Burns

There is now 30 minutes left in your reservation and you realize that you have failed at doing remotely anything pertaining to work. However, in your panic, you are continually distracted by the floof sleeping beside your computer testing your willpower and begging for ear scratches.

8) Surrendering Yourself to the Floof

Jordan Burns

Who the hell cares about doing work? You have cats to love! You toss your laptop and work back in your bag, grab that laser pointer, and lose yourself in the fun of watching a cat chase a dot around the cat cafe.

9) Nostalgia for Your Time in Heaven

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Jordan Burns

You pick your Polaroid off the wall, and place it in your wallet to view in times of feline withdrawal. When you leave you can't help but shed a few tears as you pick up your furry loves to give them goodbye pets and kisses. 

As you leave, you can't help the moments of tears as you pick up your furry loves to give the goodbye pets and kisses. Yet, you feel a happiness as you know you will return again to the cat cafe. The entire Uber back to campus, you then ponder the different ways you could adopt and sneak a cat into your dorm.