While Boston may not be your hometown, you're still able to find a little bit of home in the big city regardless of where you're from. Check out where you can find the most popular dish from your home state in Boston.

Alabama– Fried Green Tomatoes

Head on over to Sweet Cheeks, which is located near Fenway on Boylston. If you're missing Alabama, or the delicious fried green tomatoes that your grandma made, these are the best ones you'll find in Boston. If fried green tomatoes aren't your thing, this restaurant has plenty of options to satisfy any southern style food you're craving.

Alaska— Salmon

salmon, beer
Lorcan Cannon

While you might not be catching the salmon in your backyard, it's still possible to find some in Boston. Luckily, it's actually very easy to find a restaurant serving wild salmon— anywhere from Legal Sea Foods to the Island Creek Oyster Bar

Arizona— Chimichangas

vegetable, sauce, meat, dairy product, cheese
Tiare Brown

If I were from Arizona, I'd miss this deep fried burrito, too. To make Boston feel a little bit like home, stop by El Pelon. Famous for their Mexican food, their array of tacos, burritos, and quesadillas will satisfy any craving, alongside some chimichangas. 

Arkansas— Fried Catfish 

A tougher find in the Boston Area, but don't worry it's still do-able. Wander over to Cambridge and you'll find The Coast Cafe, serving fried catfish by the platter. It may not be the same as Arkansas, but it's as good as it's gonna get. 

California— Fish Tacos 

tacos, fish, chicken
Tiffany Meh

While Californians are die hard about their Mexican food being superior to all types of East Coast Mexican food, you might have to give in if you're still craving fish tacos. Tremont 647 is the place to go, seeing that they actually host "Taco Tuesdays". If you come in on a Tuesday, you can get a taco for just $2, and they always have a fish option available. You just might change your mind about "real" Mexican food, but who knows. 

Colorado— Chili Verde

While Colorado may be 2,000 miles away, a little taste of home is right downtown. Stop by Anna's Taqueria and you'll find some mouthwatering (and eye-watering) spicy Chile Verde. 

Connecticut— White Clam Pizza

Who can say no to pizza? If you're craving the New Haven famous Frank Pepe's white clam pizza, have no fear; there is a Frank Pepe's in the suburbs of Boston in Chestnut Hill! You don't have to drive three hours just to get that white clam pizza anymore. 

Delaware— Vinegar French Fries 

french fries, potato
Claire Couron

While these are easy enough to make on your own (just toss the fries in some vinegar), you can head on over to Drink in Seaport, a fun hip bar. You can enjoy South End and drinks with friends, all whilst getting your fix of vinegar fries. 

Florida— Key Lime Pie

pie, lime, cake, cream, lemon
Jocelyn Hsu

Anyone from Florida, or even those who have visited, is familiar with this state's famous treat. The perfect mix of sweet and tart, key lime pie always hits the spot. The hands down best key lime pie in Boston can be found at Abe & Louie's. There are tons of other spots around the city that serve them, but the closest "authentic" kind I've found was here. 10/10 recommend. 

Georgia— Peach Cobbler

apple, sweet, apple pie, cobbler, pie
Zoe Gavil

Seeing that it's Florida's neighbor, it's only right for them to share their fame for desserts. Stop by Petsi Pies in Cambridge to find peach cobbler. However, they only serve it during the summer months, so take advantage of it while you can! 

Hawaii— Ahi Poke

Victoria Guo

Aside from the difference in temperature from Hawaii and Boston, fresh food from the Pacific is not the same as the Atlantic. There does happen to be the Manoa Poke Shop in Somerville, though, that has recently opened. It can fulfill your Pacific wishes with a multitude of Poke options. 

Idaho— Croquetas

While they may not be croquetas from Boise, the Croquette at Barcelona Wine in the South End is essentially the same thing. It's a fried bread roll filled with ham and cheese, or you can get ham and chicken. Until you return to Boise, this is the next best thing. 

Illinois— Deep Dish Pizza 

lasagna, cheese
Ataya Kanji

There are three Pizzeria Unos in Boston that can give you the classic Chicago deep dish pizza. If you're looking for something different, Regina's, one of the most famous pizzerias in Boston, makes their own deep dish that is simply to die for. 

Indiana— Pork Tenderloin (Sandwich) 

chicken, pork
Helena Lin

To satisfy those pork tenderloin cravings, head on over to the South End. At Gaslight, a French brasserie, you can order the pork chops and then stroll around downtown afterwards. 

Iowa— Grilled Corn on the Cob

corn, pasture, straw, hazelnut, cereal, popcorn, vegetable, meat, sweet corn, maize
Allie Coneys

Boston might not have rows of corn fields, but there is still corn. Toro makes an incredible grilled corn with aioli, lime, pepper, and cheese. 

Kansas— BBQ (ribs) 

pork, barbecue, beef, sauce, meat, pepper, brisket, baby back ribs, spare ribs
Julia McKay

Kansas has BBQ of all kinds, but don't worry! Between Blue Ribbon Bar and Red Bones BBQ, you're sure to find something to fill the BBQ-less void. 

Kentucky— Fried Chicken (and BBQ)

chicken, meat, sauce, chicken wings, pork
Kaitlin Wheeler

For BBQ, just check out the restaurants under Kansas. As for fried chicken, Blue Dragon has some of the best you may ever have... that is, for the East Coast.

Louisiana— Gumbo

Michelle Martin

If you've ever seen Forrest Gump, you know what gumbo is. Believe it or not, even Boston has gumbo. You can get your fix at Tulepo

Maine— Lobster 

lobster, crab, seafood, shellfish, fish, goody
Ellen Gibbs

Surprise, surprise! Even Bostonians know that Maine is all about lobster. Honestly, I'm not even gonna narrow this one down to a specific restaurant because there's lobster all over Boston, especially at Faneuil Hall in the summertime. 

Maryland— Blue Crab

Marylanders are filled with state pride, especially when it comes to defending their love for the state flag. They also happen to love Blue Crab. Stop by Holly's Crab to grab some, but BYOB (Bring your Old Bay). 

Massachusetts— Clam Chowder

Easy peasy. Clam Chowder you can find just about anywhere downtown, and if you're from MA odds are I don't have to tell you where to go. 

Michigan— Pasties

Have no fear! Back Bay is home to one of the national Pasty companies, Cornish Pasty Co. They have signature pasties, premium pasties, and even vegetarian pasties; enough to satisfy everyone's needs. 

Minnesota— Tater Tot Hotdish

sauce, meat, shrimp, parsley, vegetable, tomato
Maddie Cole

It won't be the same as your homemade hotdish, but Lower Depth's chili cheese tater tots aren't a bad second choice. They'll be enough to hold you over until your next trip back to Minnesota. If you're looking for a fun variation of the dish, checkout the tater tot nachos (*swoon*) at Highball Lounge in Back Bay, too. 

Mississippi— Mississippi Mud Pie 

If I were from Mississippi, I'd miss this chocolatey goodness the most. Head over to Tupelo to get a fix of your favorite treat. Even if you can't make it to Tupelo, lucky for you Oreos have come out with a limited edition mud pie flavor, so swing by your local store to try some (no promises on how they are, though). 

Missouri— Toasted Ravioli 

For Missourians, East Side Bar & Grill is the place to be because they're home to Missouri's favorite— toasted ravs. Deep-fried ravioli is a game changer, and it looks like Missouri knows what they're doing. 

Montana— Huckleberries

While huckleberries are difficult to find in Boston, they're not impossible. The Metropolis Cafe has a delicious Champagne Sorbet that is essentially vanilla ice cream with huckleberries and huckleberry compote, capturing all the sweetness of huckleberries in a mouthwatering dessert.  

Nebraska— Handheld Meat Pies

KO Catering and Pies has an array of meat pies. However, not all of them are 'handheld', so you'll have to wait for your next visit home for that one. 

Nevada— Hotel Buffets 

tea, coffee
Sunny Tang

This one makes sense, seeing that Nevada is home to Las Vegas. Boston has plenty of hotels, too, though. If you're really dying for a hotel buffet, just stop by any of the hotels in the city.  

New Hampshire— Apples 

apple, pasture, juice
Meredith Ross

Apples galore! Apples may seem like a basic food to be famous for, but until you've had real NH apples you can't quite understand why one would miss their hometown orchard. I'd hit up the local grocery store to find some because odds are it's pretty easy to get apples from NH to MA. 

New Jersey— Bacon Egg and Cheese Bagels

bacon, sandwich, cheese, bun
Kelsey Coughlin

We've all heard that all bagels are not the same (yea, I mean you NY and NJ). Bagelsaurus would beg to differ. Try your hometown favorite BEC, and let us know how it compares. 

New Mexico— Sopapillas

Papi has saved you! And no, sadly not Big Papi. Papi's Stuffed Sopapillas not only give you a taste of New Mexico, but don't disappoint because they have an array of choices. Check out their website to see where they'll be parked. 

New York— Pizza 

pizza, cheese, dough, sauce, mozzarella, meat, crust, tomato, pepperoni
Amy Yi

Once again, like the bagels, New Yorkers/New Jerseyans always argue their pizza is unlike any other. They claim it has something to do with the water. However, once you have Santarpio's you might rethink that one. Even Julian Edelman gave it a 7.76/10

North Carolina— Pulled Pork

North Carolina is well known for its BBQ. Blue Ribbon BBQ can bring the southern taste you miss right to you in Boston. They even have a "North Carolina Pulled Pork" option on their menu, claiming its made with BBQ just like what you would find at home. You can be the judge for that one. 

North Dakota—  Hot Beef Sandwich 

Check out Sam Lagrassa's. While you can't order a hot beef (or turkey) sandwich, you can make your own and create it yourself. Just tell them what you want in it and you won't be disappointed. 

Ohio— Buckeyes 

chocolate, peanut butter, peanut, butter
Caroline Aronowitz

If you see an Ohioan, just yell "O-H", and if they respond with an "I-O", then they'll certainly know what a buckeye is (don't confuse this with the OSU football team). This delicious chocolate covered peanut butter ball is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups 2.0. While finding a real buckeye may be hard, Toscanini's has a buckeye flavored ice cream that can fill the void. Make sure to check what flavors they have before you go, though, their menu changes daily. 

Oklahoma— Chicken Fried Steak 

You can get your country fried steak at Victoria's Diner, or any other diner-chains in the area. Occasionally, some restaurants switch up their brunch menus to include chicken fried steak, but you'll have to double check before going. 

Oregon— Vietnamese Chicken Wings (From Pok Pok)

If you're missing these wings, check out Pho Basil in Back Bay. They have sesame wings and chicken wings, and while they may not have the same sauce as Pok Pok, it's sure to be somewhat similar.

Pennsylvania— Cheesesteaks

Al's State Street Cafe in the Financial District is the perfect place to fulfill all your cheesesteak desires. It may not live up to the Philadelphia goodness, but it'll for sure come close. 

Rhode Island— Fried Clams 

It's pretty easy to get down to RI for some authentic clams, but if you don't have the time, no worries. Yankee Lobster Company has the best fried clams in Boston, and they're right down in Seaport. 

South Carolina— Shrimp and Grits 

Hit up Darryl's Corner Bar & Kitchen if you're looking for a taste of the south. They even claim on the menu "you've NEVER had grits like this!" 

South Dakota— Kuchen 

Kuchen certainly is actually very hard to find in Boston. But if you get to Clear Flour Bread at a good time, they might be serving it as one of their specials. 

Tennessee— Ribs

pork, sauce, chicken, barbecue, baby back ribs
Cassidy Branco

Just like Kansas, Tennessee loves their barbecue. Rumor is Blue Ribbon Bar and Red Bones BBQ have some of the best ribs in town. 

Texas— Tex-Mex and Mexican 

tacos, salsa, beef
Benjamin Martin

Texans really couldn't narrow it down from Mexican food. Lucky for them, Boston has an array of Mexican options. For the tex-mex, check out Sunset Cantina. Their nachos are heavenly, and a pitcher of margaritas is the perfect side. For those craving the authentic Mexican, Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar is there for you. 

Utah— Funeral Potatoes 

While the name is rather morbid, funeral potatoes are quite delicious. You can find this home cooked delicacy at Strip by Strega, although they call them 'cheddar potatoes au gratin'. 

Vermont— Maple Syrup 

beer, alcohol, liquor, maple syrup, wine, whisky, tea, syrup
Louise Ferrall

The distance from VT to MA is doable, so getting your real maple syrup won't be that hard. However, a lot of restaurants in the area serve it, and sometimes you can even find some at your local grocery store. You can't go back to Aunt Jemima's after you've had the real deal. 

Virginia— Country Ham 

Don't be mistaken– country ham is different than regular ham. To find some real country ham, check out Beacon Hill Bistro. 

Washington— Coffee

beer, alcohol, liquor, ale, wine, lager
Molly Doroba

Home to Starbucks, it's no surprise Washington is famous for its coffee. If you're looking for something like your local coffee shop from home, check out Pavement Coffeehouse or Render to get your daily dose of caffeine. 

West Virginia— Pepperoni Rolls 

cinnamon, cream, chocolate, cake, pastry
Hunter Siegrist

I'm not sure why they don't sell pepperoni rolls everywhere. It's basically just a rolled up piece of pizza– who wouldn't want that? Sadly, this food is not a staple and the closest thing you'll find in Boston is a calzone. But hey, they're pretty similar. Check out Picco for the best pepperoni calzone in Boston. 

Wisconsin— Fried Cheese Curds

Grub has mouthwateringly good cheese curds that they top off with beef gravy. That may just be enough to keep you from missing the authentic Wisconsin ones. 

Wyoming— Bison Burger 

Check out the Tip Tap Room. They aren't always serving their bison burger, but if you're lucky you might make it there on a night where its their special.

Well, there you have it. 50 foods from 50 states, all found in one city. Boston has proved it can bring everyone a little taste of home, no matter how far from home you actually are.