Last week, Barstool Sports released a pizza review with Julian Edelman. That's right... arguably one of the best (not to mention cutest) players on the Pats trying pizza. Need I say more?

The pizza in question is Santarpio's -- again arguably one of the best (not to mention most delicious) pizza places in Boston, and some might even say the US.

They're famous for the cornmeal on the bottom of their pizza, making the crust like nothing you've ever had. The crust is on the floppier and thinner side, the "Boston Flop" as Edelman calls it. It's crunchy, yet still doughy... only the perfect combination to satisfy every pizza lover's dreams. The tomato sauce is made from real tomatoes so it's not perfectly smooth, adding texture while the cheese is not too cheesy, but cheesy enough. Pizza is most definitely an art, and Santarpio's has mastered it.

So what did Edelman think?

7.76/10. I 100% trust his judgement on this one.

You can watch the full video here