Walt Disney World released the first pair of rose gold ears back in 2017 and ever since Disney has been incorporating more colors into merchandise and food found in their theme parks. From rose gold and millennial pink to purple potion and now briar rose gold, Disney knows how to get to the hearts of millennials with their cute accessories, apparel, and food.

Where Can You Find These Treats?

At Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida, guests can find briar rose gold treats at the Main Street Confectionary and Big Top Treats at Big Top Souvenirs. 

Briar Rose Gold Rice Krispie Treat

Disney is known for their Mickey shaped rice krispie treats and now guests can get a twist on this sweet treat with this new briar rose gold version. This is covered in briar rose gold colored chocolate with white chocolate candies and a chocolate briar rose gold bow. This Minnie Mouse inspired rice krispie treat can be purchased for $5.49 at the Main Street Confectionary and Big Top Treats. 

Briar Rose Gold Sugar Cookie

Sugar cookies are the perfect treat after spending a long day in the parks because they are simple and sweet. Now guests can find a new briar rose gold sugar cookie in addition to the other varieties offered. This sugar cookie costs $3.99 and guests have the option between a chocolate drizzle and a solid frosted cookie.

Briar Rose Gold Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Guests can also enjoy briar rose gold chocolate covered strawberries that come topped with a white chocolate drizzle. These strawberries can be purchased for $3.99 and are perfect option for those craving a slightly healthier delicious snack.

Briar Rose Gold Cake Pops

Cake pops are a staple snack item a Walt Disney World and now guests can find briar rose gold cake pops at the Main Street Confectionary and Big Top Treats. The cake pop is filled with dense chocolate cake and is covered with white chocolate. These cake pops can be purchased for $4.19. 

Briar Rose Gold Caramel Apple

This Briar Rose Gold chocolate covered caramel apple is similar to other candy apples sold at Walt Disney World, but this is actual eye candy. This chocolate covered apple can be purchased for $10.99.

Overall Thoughts

The briar rose gold collection is set to debut tomorrow April 1st and if it follows the same patterns as purple potion or rose gold, then the products will be sold out in an instant. Make sure you head over to Walt Disney World to get your briar rose gold treats and accessories while they last!