Disney has been on top of their game within the last year releasing trendy new colorful products ranging from rose gold to millennial pink. Within the past few weeks, Disney released their new Purple Potion line which is a gorgeous purple with a blue undertone. Some of the products include spirit jerseys, wallets, backpacks, and water bottles just to name a few.

In addition to the purple merchandise, Disney has also created new Purple Potion treats ranging from cupcakes and cake pops to candy apples and marshmallow wands. Here is a brief overview of some of the numerous treats you can find throughout Walt Disney World and Disneyland on your next trip.

1. Purple Starry Sky Cake

At Disney's All Star Resorts, guests can find this decadent purple starry sky cake. This treat consists of purple chocolate mousse, chocolate sponge cake, a dark chocolate drizzle on top of galaxy glaze covered with sprinkles. This treat is a superb choice for both chocolate lovers and purple fanatics. This cake costs $5.49 and can counts as a snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan. 

2. Purple Potion Black Raspberry Lemon Tart

At Disney's Yacht and Beach Club resorts, guests can find a black raspberry lemon tart. This treat is a sugar tart shell filled with black raspberry lemon curd. It is topped with chocolate Mickey ears, buttercream, and crispy sugar pearls. 

3. Purple Minnie Cake Pop

Cake pops have been on the rise within the dessert community for their delicious taste and convenience. Disney has hopped on the bandwagon and created a purple Minnie cake pop. This cake pop is made with blackberry cake and is covered with purple chocolate and topped with a chocolate bow. These cake pops can be found in Magic Kingdom at the Castle Hub Cart. 

4. Purple Blackberry Mousse Brownie

Disney has brought a classic brownie to the next level with the purple black raspberry mousse brownie. Found at Wilderness Lodge, inside of the Roaring Fork, this treat is composed of blackberry mousse and topped with a chocolate minnie bow. 

5. Purple Galaxy Cupcake 

This purple galaxy cupcake can be found at Disney's Art of Animation and Pop Century resorts. This is a chocolate cupcake filled with raspberry marmalade topped with vanilla buttercream, edible glitter, chocolate ears, and pearls. While a cupcake is not the most adventurous dessert, it is a safe choice for those who still want the purple decoration and glitter without the exotic flavor.

Overall Thoughts

This new purple potion trend is definitely not going anywhere anytime soon. Disney absolutely nailed the shade of purple they released and all of the merchandise and food that went along with the launch. The food items are only available for a limited time so head over to either Walt Disney World or Disneyland to get your hands on them while they last!