Disney definitely knows how to market towards their young Instagram obsessed fans with not only trendy clothes, but vibrant colored foods and drinks. The newest beverage that guests can purchase inside of the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World is the Purple Wall Slush. 

What Is It?

This new drink was created alongside the newly renovated Purple Wall. For those who don't know, the Purple Wall is located down the ramp from Tomorrow land Terrace towards the entrance to Tomorrowland. It's where guests can take pictures sporting their latest DisneyBounds or in this case, their sweet purple drinks. The Purple Wall Slush is a taro tea slush with tapioca boba, whipped cream, and purple sprinkles. The drink is being sold for $5.99 and is a snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan. 

Where You Can Get It

The Purple Wall Slush can be found at Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland Terrace. Tomorrowland Terrace is one of the various quick service dining locations at Magic Kingdom where guests can enjoy typical theme park food ranging from cheeseburgers and veggie burgers to chicken strips and chef salads.

Guest Reviews

Guests have been able to try the drink at Magic Kingdom and are liking it so far, but it has only been out for less than a day, so it's hard to get a variety of opinions. While scrolling through social media, I did come across a few people who are already fans of the drink, though.

@BookishPrincess on Instagram wrote, "YAS. 💜 #PurpleWallSlush= taro tea slush with tapioca boba, whipped cream, and purple sprinkles. I’m actually not a huge fan of the boba balls (they get stuck in the straw), but the taro is such a unique taste! 💜"

In a review for WDW News Today, Jose Castillo said, "I personally loved this drink. It wasn’t sugar in a cup, but rather had a subtle sweetness and the boba made it perfect."

Final Thoughts

While I have not been able to give this drink a taste yet, it is definitely something I have on my bucket list to try during my Disney College Program. From what I have read, it seems like it would be perfect for those who aren't looking for something overly sweet and are willing to try something new. If you prefer a sweeter drink, Disney also has a millennial pink milkshake which is more on the sugary side. 

Disney is a pro at picking up on different color trends and making anything marketable. From rose gold cupcakes and churros to millennial pink macaroons and milkshakes, this purple wall slush drink is one more item that you are going to need to try next time you visit Walt Disney World.