Disney is excellent at coming up with different colorful and innovative food trends that keep fans wanting more. From rose gold cupcakes to millennial pink macarons, Disney has exceeded one's greatest expectations, but now they have introduced a Peter Pan Float to the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida, in celebration of the 65th anniversary of the release of "Peter Pan".

What Is It?

This Peter Pan Float consists of soft serve Key Lime ice cream, Sprite, and a red chocolate feather. It reminds me a bit of the infamous Dole Whip float that can be found in Adventureland due to its look and texture. This float even resembles Peter Pan, since it is green and comes with a red feather (like the one in his hat). 

Where You Can Buy It

This Peter Pan Float can be found in Magic Kingdom at Storybook Treats in Fantasyland. It is very easy to skip over this place as it is in a little nook off to the side, but if you make a right after walking through the Castle in the direction towards the Winnie the Pooh ride, you will spot it almost instantly. This float can be purchased for $5.49 and also counts as a snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan. 

Guest Reviews

Numerous guests have had the opportunity to try this Peter Pan Float when it debuted. Guests have had different opinions about this treat with some loving it and others not so much. According to Instagram user, @EverythingWDWAndBeyond, "The ice cream is very sour but when you mix it with the Sprite it’s delicious and refreshing. Not too sweet, which is nice when it’s really hot out like today." 

On the contrary, according to Instagram user @SnarkySnacker, "I came, I ate/drank, I was underwhelmed. Give me the dole whip any day! Reminded me of childhood punch bowls with sherbet and Sprite. Too sweet!"

Other New Tasty Treats From Disney

While Walt Disney World has introduced this new Peter Pan Float, Disneyland has created some treats for the opening of Pixar Pier inspired by classic Pixar movies. From colored noodles to cookies, you definitely don't want to miss out on all of the cool offerings. 

Num Num Cookie

The opening of Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure also called for the creation of a large warm chocolate chip cookie inspired by Jack-Jack from "Incredibles 2." While this cookie is not out of this world like those from Levain Bakery, it is still extremely good for a theme park treat. The cookie is served warm and comes with enough to share with friends and family. This cookie costs $6.00 and can be found right by the entrance to the Incredicoaster. 


Churros themselves are tasty, but what if you added donut icing, chocolate sauce, cream cheese frosting, and more? Throughout Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, guests can find exclusive churros available for Pixar Fest ranging from a cocoa churro all the way to a carrot cake churro. On Pixar Pier, guests can also find a #CalienteChurro which has a little kick to it at Señor Buzz Churros. The churros are around $5.75 each which is not too pricy considering their size and taste.