We all love our times at the happiest place on earth, whether it's in Orlando or Anaheim. I'm sure if you've been to either park you've had the world famous Dole Whip. This has been a Disney Parks tradition since its creation back in 1986. You can get this at any Disney Park, however, there are some slight differences that only true fans notice. Now, you can act like an expert with these striking differences at each location. 

1. The Price

Now, the most magical place on earth is also the most expensive place on earth. Disney World, however, offers a cheaper option. The difference in price between parks is only a mere 20 cents, but still, when spending the day at Disney, you need every cent you can get. 

2. Where You Can Get It

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Alyssa Wang

At Disneyland, Dole Whip can only be purchased at one location in the entire park: The Tiki Juice Bar in Adventureland. On the other had, there are 3 locations that sell it at Walt Disney World.

3. The Presentation

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Andrew Penman

If Mickey Mouse is going to charge what he charges, then I need an A+ presentation with my Dole Whip. If you want your instagram perfect presentation, then you need to head to Cali, because Disneyland employees have the exact same swirls each time. Also, in California, you get a cherry with an umbrella to top off your Whip.

4. The Flavor

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Kristine Mahan

I was shocked too that the flavor is actually slightly different at each location. This has caused a LOT of speculation among fans because the flavors are supposed to be identical. Most report that their Dole Whip experience is eons better at Disneyland over in California. However, this could all be speculation, so you might have to conduct this taste test on your own. 

Connor Howe

I don't know if you've ever had the joy of going to a Disney Park, but it's truly an incredible experience. Well, the only thing that can make your time there even better is getting some good old Dole Whip. Especially on one of those hot, 90 degree summer days - it just hits the spot. And if Dole Whip isn't for you, there are countless other amazing foods to get when on a Disney vacation.

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Connor Howe