When in Brooklyn, it's easy to see that not only is it pretty diverse, but that it also has some of the best food to exist on the face of this planet. Living here for most of my life, I can say that when finding someplace to eat, it's worth it to ditch the fast food chains for one of Brooklyn's gems.

Eat at Roll n Roaster instead of Burger King

cheese, pork, sandwich
Kirby Barth

Most people go to Burger King for their processed burgers and fries. Now imagine if you had the chance to go to a much more relaxed place with an even bigger menu, better food that's made in-house and fresh, and the option to add cheese to everything on the menu. Which sounds better to you?

Eat at L & B Spumoni Gardens instead of Dominos

cheese, pepperoni, bacon, pizza
Amelia Hitchens

I'm convinced that the reason why Dominos is called Dominos is because if you eat too much, you're going to want to fall over like a domino. Why would anyone want to settle for mediocre mainstream pizza that's probably frozen before it's made when they can have freshly made pizza that's also some of the best in the entire world?

Frozen pizza can be bought anywhere and everywhere 24/7 but some of the best pizza ever? Not so much.

Eat at Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory instead of Baskin Robbins

Sundays and Cones, taro, lychee, Black sesame, chocolate, ice, ice cream, cream
Rica Beltran

Baskin Robbins may have more flavors to choose from, but does that mean that they taste better than creamy, fresh flavors that are made with tender love and care? No.

Eat at Dizzy's instead of Denny's

salad, chicken
Rianna Lloyd

Denny's – a self-labeled American diner offering bland food that's also very unhealthy. Dizzy's – an actual American diner in Park Slope, Brooklyn with flavorful food that tastes and is healthy. 

Eat at Kith instead of Friendly's

Hannah Freiberg

While the staff at Friendly's may actually be friendly, their food isn't. They're also known for their ice cream, which is accessible almost everywhere, which makes physically going to Friendly's pointless. With Kith, not only are they changing how to eat cereal, but you can also make your own cereal ice cream blend there.

Eat at Perry's instead of Applebee's

pepper, chicken, salad, pasta, vegetable
Michelle Miller

Applebee's – a highly caloric chain offering mediocre diner food with tablets at the end of each table to either pay for your meal or to let young kids play games. Perry's – a friendly diner offering an array of freshly made diner food that brings a smile to your face and sends your taste buds up into the clouds. The choice is yours.

The main point to take away from this article is to avoid chains when possible – especially when in Brooklyn. Chains are all over the place while the food places in this article are only in Brooklyn.