Denny’s, the much beloved late night diner serving everyone from the elderly to drunk college kids, has quickly become an Internet sensation. Love it or hate it, you can’t deny its creativity. At first it seems like a parody account, but that blue check mark of certified Denny’s authenticity doesn’t lie. Here are 9 of the diner’s best legendary tweets:

1. The best type of strip club

We’re all thinking it, but no one was willing to admit it. Thank you, Denny’s, for reading every college kids’ inner psyche.

2. The surprisingly complex anatomy of a jack-o-lantern

Hey Denny’s, have you been wakin’ and bakin’ with Willie Nelson recently?

3. Take note, Rebecca Black

Finally, pie getting the love and recognition it deserves.

4. Pancakes > political science

Yes, I’m still scared of the library. No, I don’t have a boyfriend. Yes, I still eat ramen noodles in my bed at weird hours of the night.

5. Cheese blankets are the best blankets

The only way I survived Snowpocalypse 2k16.

6. Calling all philosophy majors

At first this makes no sense, but then you realize that potatoes have eyes and that Denny’s just blew your freakin’ mind.

7. A pickle for every citizen, and a citizen for every pickle

The diner version of 50 Shades of Grey.

8. America’s most badass diner since 1953

Sometimes you just gotta remember that the job market may look bad, but someone is literally getting paid to write these.

9. Blackout or back out, as I always say

Friday night, y’all.