Cereal is one of my favorite foods, so when I heard how Kith Treats was changing the cereal game, I knew I had to try it out. Kith is creating ice cream and milkshakes infused with your favorite cereal. They have over 20 types of cereals and toppings, so your imagination has plenty of freedom. Kith has three trendy locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Miami, and the coolest part is that Kith is a sneaker store. So basically, you can shop and eat delicious food at the same time (#goals). 

How it Works

For the plain cereal option, you can pick two different cereals, toppings, and milk, and can choose to eat it out of a shoe box. Sounds a bit strange, but trust me: it's fantastic. As for the ice cream, you pick a topping and cereal that gets swirled with vanilla ice cream. The third option is the holy grail of all desserts: the milkshake. The milkshake is made up of your choice of ice cream, a cereal, and a topping. All of these creations are definitely Insta- worthy. 

How it Tastes

For the cereal set, it tastes as you would expect. It's your favorite cereal, milk, and toppings combined. This option is perfect people who prefer a tried-and-true classic.

The ice cream and milkshake are more creative and just as tasty. The ice cream truly brings your favorite childhood cereal flavor to life. The creamy treat also has great texture from the crunchy cereal and tons of flavor. The milkshake is very similar to the ice cream, and equally as mouthwatering. Kith's frozen treats are amazing copycats of your favorite cereal.


Kith Treats is definitely worth a visit. With cereal options ranging from Apple Jacks to Cinnamon Toast Crunch, there is something for everyone. The sneaker-filled, cool atmosphere of the store gives Kith an upper hand compared to other traditional ice cream stores. I'm definitely going to go to Kith Treats again. 


Brooklyn: 233 Flatbush Ave (Bergen St)

Manhattan: 644 Broadway 

Miami: 1931 Collins Ave