We all know those famous golden arches and what lies inside the doors of McDonald's. I mean, who doesn't love it? (Even though most of you are going to say you don't, I know that deep down you really do). Every time I enter into a Mickey-D's, a smile beams across my face. Here are some incredible facts that I'm willing to bet a large amount on that you don't already know. 

1. A New McDonald's Opens Every 14.5 Hours

Yes, that's right. Terrifying but true, a new store opens that often. No wonder they are the number one fast food chain in the world. So, the next time someone asks you why there is at least one McDonald's located in every town, you can now give them the proper answer.  

2. The Caesar Salad is More Fattening than their Hamburger

This one goes out to all of you who say, "I'm going to be healthy and order a salad." Sorry, but your dear friend who orders a hamburger is actually being more nutritious. Although the calories may be higher in their burgers, there is a larger amount of fat in their caesar salads that mostly comes from the dressing.

3. More People Eat at McDonald's Each Day than the Entire Population of the UK

Over 68 million people eat at McDonald's each and every day. Thats the population of the UK!

4. They Are the World's Largest Toy Distributor 

Don't say you didn't beg your parents to take you to McDonald's just so you could get the latest Happy Meal toy that you saw in a commercial on Nickelodeon. I know I did. Toys R Us has nothing on Ronald McDonald and his legendary Happy Meal toys. 

5. The McDonald's Arch is More Recognizable than the Holy Cross

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Connor Howe

Sorry Pope Francis, your sacred symbol isn't as well known as those holy arches. 

6. The Queen of England Owns a McDonald's

The Royal Highness herself had a McDonald's open right near Windsor Castle because even she slums it every now and then. Chowing down on a Big Mac with the Queen should definitely be on everyone's bucket list. 

7. McDonald's Makes Over $75,000,000 Per Day

This doesn't seem too farfetched when you realize Mickey-D's is accumulating this amount from over 60 million customers that enter locations worldwide each day. If only they could give me a cut of that so I wouldn't have to use the dollar menu every time I go to a McDonald's. 

8. If You're in the US, You're Never More than 115 Miles From a McDonalds 

There really is no escaping this place. They have locations everywhere, and if 115 miles isn't far enough, then I'd suggest moving to another country. 

9. Justin Timberlake Sang the McDonald's "I'm Lovin' It" Jingle in One of the First TV Spots

Yes, it's not just some random kid singing this jingle we've known practically our entire lives. It's the one and only Justin Timberlake! He was paid $6 million to sing it, back when the commercial first aired. 

10. Bill Gates Gets Free Food There

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Alex Frank

Not because they like him, don't worry. He has a McDonald's Gold Card, which earns him free fast food. Maybe I should become a billionaire and get free Big Macs for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, we don't know how one can get their hands on one of these legendary cards. 

11. There Are Names tor the Different Shapes of the Nuggets

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Alex Frank

We know all too well the heavenly bite size nuggets that McDonald's has to offer. But, did you know there are names for each shape they come in? The names are: bone, bell, ball, and boot. 

12. The First Menu Item Ever was a Hot Dog

Alexandra Asselta

I know, jaw dropping! I would never in my wildest dreams associate this place with a hot dog. However, the company actually began as a hot dog stand, back in the 1930s. Once business increased, hot dogs were abandoned and the focus shifted to what we know today: burgers. 

I hope you have enjoyed these mind blowing facts about America's favorite restaurant. Maybe someday we can all aspire to be like Bill Gates and never have to pay a dime for a Big Mac.