If you ever get bored with your local McDonald's menu choices, it may be time to take a quick international trip. Mickey D's around the world are serving up some pretty epic dishes. The fast food chain is showing their creative side. Here is the ultimate list of McDonald's items that you won't find in the U.S.

South Korea

McDonald's in South Korea have been serving up churros. This fried-dough, cinnamon pastry has been a real crowd pleaser lately. 


This Japanese McDonald's option is just a big piece of fried chicken, but there's a twist. The customer can choose a seasoning to add to the bag, either black pepper, lemon, or cheese, and then, shake it up! After shaking, enjoy. 


In Mexico, a popular breakfast item is the McMollete. It consists of an english muffin, topped with beans, melted cheese, and pico de gallo. Actually sounds pretty tasty. 

Hong Kong

Next time your in Hong Kong, pick up a Kao Fan Burger. It's a fried chicken patty, except the bun is made with rice. Ba-da-ba-ba-ba, I'm loving that. 


Although cultural cuisine of the Philippines is not Italian, McDonald's there are serving up the McSpaghetti. Would you be willing to get pasta from Ronald McDonald?


The McCurry Pan is something I dream of seeing in the States. It is a rectangular bread bowl, filled up with veggies and chicken, topped with a creamy tomato curry sauce. 


So, fried food is amazing... Cheese is amazing... Here's a big shoutout to Russia's McDonald's for combining the two. These are fried brie nuggets that I might just have to book a trip to Russia for. 


How about a nice lobster roll for your game day sub? Canadian McDonald's are serving lobster rolls for only $8 each. What a deal!


Here's your late night pizza, with a twist. Head to Morocco to get a Pizza McPuff. It's a pastry puff filled with tomato sauce, vegetables, and cheese. 

The Best Countries

What do all the best and coolest McDonald's serve? An ice cold McBeer. Find McBeers in select McDonald's in France, Germany, and Portugal. 

Seems a little unfair that American McDonald's aren't serving some of these unique options. Should we petition Ronald McDonald to bring a couple of them to a McDonald's near you? Check out this sweet article for even more McDonald's specialities.