Do you find yourself counting down the days until McDonald's finally puts the classic Shamrock Shake back on the menu? Or, do you find yourself constantly searching for secret menus, simply wanting to unveil the hidden gems that McDonald's has to offer? Well, your luck has turned. McDonald's released its famous Shamrock Shake along with four more minty beverages.

Shamrock Shake  

This delicious treat is the McDonald's staple that comes out every spring, and is much awaited by the general public. Fun fact: the Shamrock Shake actually has 10 grams of protein in it. Not bad for a milkshake.

Chocolate Shamrock Shake

Straight off the secret menu, the Chocolate Shamrock Shake is one of the new options. This is half a classic Chocolate Shake, and half a Shamrock Shake, topped with some whipped cream and green sprinkles. Yum. 

Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappe

This twist on the classic shake is a Chocolate Chip Frappe with a mocha base, mixed with the Shamrock Shake syrup, and topped with the classic whipped cream and green crystals, with an extra drizzle of chocolate syrup. So, pretty much a minty, chocolate mocha... Sign me up. 

Shamrock Hot Chocolate

McDonald's popular hot cocoa just got an upgrade. McD's added the Shamrock Shake syrup in for a refreshing minty taste. 

Shamrock Mocha

The last, but definitely not least, new beverage is the Shamrock Mocha. It's a typical Mocha (hot cocoa with a shot of espresso) mixed with the Shamrock syrup. Give your morning mocha a minty kick. 

Find out if your local McDonald's is serving up these beauties today.