As a child, forget the McNuggets and fries, because we all made our mothers go through the drive-thru a Micky D's to get the latest toys that we had seen advertised on T.V.  Here's a little blast from the past about some of the best, yet forgotten toys at McDonald's.

1. Tamagotchi Keychain

These did not have all the tricks like a REAL Tamagotchi. But hey, for a few bucks, this Happy Meal toy was all the craze. 

2. Mini Furbies

This furry, interactive electronic creature looked like a combination of an owl and hamster and was the "must-have toy." Furbies start out speaking entirely Furbish, a language with short words and simple syllables. They then speak less and less Furbish and more and more English as they "grow." Creepy or annoying?

3. Teenie Beanie Babies

After the 90's, we told ourselves to hold on to this soft piece of plush crack. Did we think someday they would be worth millions? Maybe so. However, Tennie Beanie Babies still remain the most popular Happy Meal toy of all time. Although the McDonald's ones were smaller, they had THE tag, which meant they were the real deal.

4. Potato Head Kids

It's about as American as it gets: a potato that you get to dress up. There were 12 different designs of the Potato Head Kids that we went crazy for, making it much more impossible to capture them through the Happy Meals, unless you ate burgers every day.

5. Play-Doh

Probably not the best idea that "Play-Doh" came with a Happy Meal, because it gave kids the idea that it was edible—which was especially dangerous when some were found stuck in the tube slide.

6. Hot Wheels

As a kid, you were begging your parents to take you to McDonald's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner because you wanted to collect all four of these hot cars. Hot Wheels were actually the highest-selling toys in the history of the burger chain.

7. Hello Kitty

The adorable Sanrio character has made its appearance numerous times in the Happy Meal because who doesn't love Hello Kitty? Each kitty came with cute outfits and accessories, and a few even have cool functions like a stamp and ink pad to use for projects at home. How useful.

8. Barbie Dolls and Backdrops

It may not be the Barbie Doll DreamHouse you always wanted, but this toy is ranked as the third most popular Happy Meal toy ever. This toy puts the basic superman action figurines to shreds with a variety of glamorous dolls and scenic backdrops.

9. Sky Dancers

Can't say I ever watched the animated Sky Dancers series, but these toys were pretty entertaining. The fairy dolls clipped into a base and when you pulled the string, they'd spread their wings and launch, spinning, into the air. I even got whacked in the face with these by my brother multiple times.

10. Halloween Pumpkins and Ghouls

If you were trick or treating in the 90's, you were only a "cool kid" if you had one of these. Unfortunately, they definitely lacked the space to fill up the candy like a pillow case, however, they did have style.

11. My Little Pony

Yes, this was the first gender-specific toy for Happy Meals, but I think My Little Pony "will always be in your heart" whether you're a boy or girl.

Not gonna lie, I'm feeling pretty nostalgic and really craving a four-piece Chicken McNugget after this. I might even have to dig up my Tamagotchi keychain from the back of my closet and take a trip through the drive-thru later.