Most of us see the McDonald's golden arches as a symbol of a place to grab a cheap meal and quick. These outrageous McDonald's locations will leave you rethinking how you view this age old restaurant. This fast food giant is really stepping up their game as a place that is pushing the limits of extreme dining, and this is why.

Ulsan, South Korea

This McDonald's location is sure to catch your eye with its retro vibes. The neon lights and swooping structures make it a significant tourist attraction in southeast South Korea. Part gas station and part drive-thru, it's tempting for a passersby not to stop in and check this place out. 

New Hyde Park, New York

One of the most elegant McDonald's out there, this mansion built in 1795 is one of a kind. The property was bought by McDonald's to be torn down and turned into a classic-looking McDonald's restaurant. The people of the town managed to come to an agreement with the company and keep the house as it was.

Taupo, New Zealand

I think this one might be the most extreme McDonald's out there. This decommissioned plane is an additional seating area to the restaurant. The former DC-3 passenger plane turned dining area was built in 1943 and flew all around New Zealand. Restaurant-goers can enjoy their Big Macs and McFlurries while in the passenger seats or cockpit.

New York, New York

The McDonald's in Times Square looks more like a broadway show than the entrance to a restaurant. This is a major tourist attraction for most people roaming around Times Square who may need a bite to eat. There is also an upper level floor where you can eat, which provides an amazing view of the bustling city.

Dallas, Texas

The ultimate kid's dream is eating inside a Happy Meal box. Although the outside may look cartoony and kid-like, the interior is all granite floors and crystal chandeliers. This McDonald's spot is truly one of a kind. 

Bray, Ireland

From the outside, this beautiful medieval building looks like something from Harry Potter. Surprising to most, it's actually a fast food restaurant. The inside is equally as beautiful with astounding wooden architecture and clean dining.

Batumi, Georgia

In Georgia, (the country, not the state), this sleek McDonald's looks like something straight out of the future. With 460 glass panels making up this pointed structure, it's no surprise that it has become a huge tourist attraction.

From beautiful East Coast mansions, to a Happy Meal-style restaurant, these insane McDonald's locations are truly a sight to see. Ronald McDonald would approve.