It's Cherry Blossom SZN in Washington, D.C. and as a D.C. native, it's my favorite time of the year. It's also a time when my Instagram feed is a constant stream of photos of the pink and white trees. While the trees themselves may be beautiful, there's nothing more gorgeous (or delicious) than the cherry blossom-inspired foods that hit shelves around this time of year. Here's the top 8 most insta-worthy cherry blossom foods that are just as pretty as they are delicious: 

1. Georgetown Cupcakes 

Known for their signature swirl and long lines, Georgetown Cupcake has gone above and beyond with their Cherry Blossom celebration dozen. These cupcakes are cherry cheesecake flavored and practically flawless. 10/10 would 'gram. 

2. Baked and Wired

The real D.C. peeps know that Baked and Wired has the best cupcakes in Georgetown, and this Cherry Blossom cupcake is no exception. It's a vanilla and maraschino cherry cake, topped with a maraschino cherry buttercream.

3. Astro Doughnuts

This Cherry Blossom doughnut has a cherry jam filling, cream cheese glaze, and a cherry blossom design. Have you ever seen a better looking doughnut?

4. Rosewood

At this historic hotel in Georgetown, you can get a Cherry Blossom-inspired cocktail. It's made of rum, yuzu, and cherry liqueur, topped off with a pretty blossom. 

5. RareSweets

These chocolate shortbread cookies couldn't look (or taste) any better. And the best part is RareSweets is only steps away from the National Mall — learning while you eat? That's my kind of Saturday. 

6. Cherry Blossom Pub 

The Cherry Blossom Pub on 7th Street is only in town for Cherry Blossom season. Half of it is decorated with Cherry Blossoms, while the other half is Super Mario-themed. They serve a menu full of traditional Japanese foods, so you really can't find anywhere better to celebrate the Cherry Blossoms.

7. Tredici Enoteca 

Made of botanical gin, champagne, and blossoms, this perfectly pink cocktail might even be too pretty to drink. 

8. Starbucks 

Although there have certainly been some mixed reviews about this Frappucino, one thing we can all agree on is it is pretty good-looking.

Ultimately, I'm not sure if you can beat the view of the Cherry Blossoms, but these foods are definitely a good replacement if you missed the blossoms. Celebrate the only good thing happening in D.C. right now with these Cherry Blossom- inspired foods.