There is no question that Ann Arbor is one of the best college food towns, and we all know food gets more likes than people on Instagram. So take advantage of Ann Arbor's food scene, and check out some of the most Insta- worthy restaurants in the city. Remember, there is no shame in #EatingForTheInsta.

1. Fred's 

I swear Fred's was designed for taking Instagram photos. From the perfect lighting to the trendy menu with foods like açaí bowls, poke, and avocado toast, it is hard not to snap a pic here. 

2. Frita Batidos

If you want Instagram likes, you gotta throw an egg on it. Frita's is place the place for fried eggs and other finger licking Cuban-inspired street food. Their photographic food, white-washed picnic tables, and little cocktail umbrellas get you in the tropical spirit, even when you live in the tundra of Ann Arbor.

It is the perfect spot to Instagram from right after your spring break bikini picture to keep that Instagram aesthetic consistent.

3. Rod's Diner

Rod's is the Instagram that'll satisfy anyone's sweet tooth. Their colorful variety of toppings are sure to spice up any feed.

4. Angelo's Restaurant

omelet, bread, omelette, cheese
Sydney Eisenberg

Any Michigan student can count on Angelo's photos to be flooding their Instagram feed on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and for a good reason. Their food is just as photographic as it is tasty.

5. Zingerman's 

Nothing is more classic Ann Arbor than a good ol' Zing's Instagram. It was your first Instagram at Michigan, and it'll likely be your last Instagram before you graduate. We love you Zingerman's.

6. Fleetwood Diner

For those with a grungier Instagram aesthetic, I recommend checking out Fleetwood Diner. From the unique stickers covering the walls to the greasy (but hella tasty) food, Fleetwood Diner is what grunge is all about. 

7. Sava's

With its trendy decor and photogenic food, Sava's guarantees a sold Instagram. Although your friends may call you basic, they will still drool over the photo.

8. Sweeting

Sweeting is the newest and hottest place to Instagram on campus, ever since they introduced the oh-so-trendy rolled ice cream. So get their quick — before another friend Instagrams it and takes all of the credit.

9. Afternoon Delight

This retro brunch restaurant is one you don't want to miss. Their unique dishes take brunch food to a whole new level, and they even encourage you to eat ice cream for breakfast. Definitely an Instagram-worthy brunch.

10. Lab Cafe

Although it is a coffee shop, Lab's decor is just begging to be Instagramed. Marble tables, succulents, lattes, pastries, and pretty books, I mean what more could you want in an Instagram?

Forget about Instagraming bikini or date party pictures and go check out some Ann Arbor food spots. Looking at food on your Instagram feed is so much better than looking at people. Trust me, your followers will thank you for fulfilling all of their cravings.