I’m ashamed to admit that I just tried Fleetwood Diner for my first time and no, it wasn’t late night. I know, stop judging me.


Photo by Julie Mirliss

Home of Ann Arbor’s famous hippie hash, Fleetwood Diner has been an Ann Arbor staple since it opened in 1949. Open 24/7, Fleetwood has remained the go to spot for late night and brunch for as long as any true Ann Arbor local can remember.



Photo by Julie Mirliss


As a first timer, I obviously ordered the hippie hash-hash browns topped with grilled onions, tomatoes, broccoli, green peppers, mushrooms and feta. It comes with toast and your choice of two eggs any style and I went with my favorite, eggs over easy. We all know there’s nothing better than diner fries, so I got a side order of fries, well done of course.


Photo by Julie Mirliss

The hippie hash lived up to the hype, but it was definitely a lot of food and I wasn’t able to finish it all. The fries were crunchy and perfectly salted, definitely in the running for restaurant wars: French fries (coming soon…). I must admit I was left in a food coma for the rest of the day and this isn’t a spot to go if you’re looking for a healthy meal.

Not only is the food the perfect hangover cure, but the vibes in Fleetwood make you feel like you’re transported back to Ann Arbor circa the 1960s. The walls are decorated with bumper stickers and it’s so small that you can see the chefs cooking the food from wherever you’re sitting in the restaurant. We were in and out in under an hour and didn’t need to wait for a table-bonus points.


Photo by Julie Mirliss

I wouldn’t recommend Fleetwood for anything other than a hungover brunch, definitely go for the hippie hash, or to satisfy your late night cravings-it gets bumpin’ post 2 am.

In 1970, Playboy did an article on Fleetwood Diner, calling it the best little diner in the country. Yes, the entire country. Check it out and tell us if you agree.


Photo by Julie Mirliss


Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (!!)