April is a magical time for tourists and locals alike in Washington D.C.  When the cherry blossoms come to town, so does warm weather, themed desserts, and pop up bars. This year, one pop up bar goes above and beyond with the wow-factor. D.C.'s very own Mockingbird Hill  has transformed into the world of Super Mario Bros. Yes, you read that right.

Welcome to the Mushroom Kingdom

According to their website, the entire bar is dedicated to the Mushroom Kingdom.  Decorations include "animatronic piranha plants peeking out of green pipes" and "glowing mystery boxes and a special corner reserved for super villain King Koopa." Basically, you get to live inside a video game for a day.  Where do I get my Peach costume?

Drink Up

The theme doesn't stop with the decorations. The menu features a collection of creative Mario themed drinks.  Standouts include "I Call Yoshi!" which is made up of unfiltered sake, midori, green chartreuse, cucumber melon, and lemon, as well as "King Koopa Cup", which is two James Johnny Smoking Gun Whiskey, "popcorn" tea ginger, and lemon. 

Worth the Wait

While the bar has been open since March, Nintendo lovers only have until April 15 to experience this not-so-virtual reality.  Don't be discouraged by the lines — the Instagram opportunities and out of this world beverages are sure to be worth the wait.