This small diner in the city of Cambridge happened to be the perfect find that I discovered through my Instagram feed.  The Baklava pancakes, looking so beautiful and scrumptious on several food bloggers' Instagram handles, caught my eye first. I set foot into Brookline Lunch on a Sunday afternoon. It was jam-packed with groups of people, and of course, a selection of unique, but mouthwatering dishes on every table that I simply could not wait to try. 

Turkish Coffee 

Felicia Zhang

As an avid coffee-lover, what better way to kickstart my afternoon than with some Turkish Coffee?  I'd never heard of Turkish coffee nor could imagine its' flavor, but it was definitely a very fulfilling surprise!  First off, it comes in this little vintage coffee pot, with a nice handle for me to pour into my little coffee cup.  Pouring coffee never seemed so satisfying. But what was even more satisfying was the taste itself. It was certainly very bitter, intense and had several interesting flavors intermingling in that tiny cup.  However, I enjoyed every sip, and will definitely be on the lookout for Turkish coffee in my future brunch endeavors. 

Za'atar Egg Bowl

Felicia Zhang

I absolutely love eggs, because you can do so much with them.  But an Egg Bowl with a bunch of my favorite ingredients on top such as chickpeas, tomatoes, and their delicious flatbread?  Yes, please.  I enjoyed mixing all the toppings in this Egg Bowl to indulge in all the different flavors!  The flatbread is just the right texture (so soft and scrumptious), so get yourselves (b)ready for more.


Felicia Zhang

I feel like Shakshouka is a rather trendy dish nowadays among the restaurant scene in Boston, and the Shakshouka served at Brookline Lunch certainly explains why.  It was just so flavorful, and I loved how they cooked delectable sausage into it (especially coming from someone who doesn't usually like sausage!).  Hands down definitely the best Shakshouka I've had in Boston.  

Matcha Pancakes 

Felicia Zhang

I absolutely loved every little thing which made up this beautiful dish of matcha goodness.  The crispy sunflower seeds scattered all over the plate, the sour berry sauce drizzled on top, the sweetened soft cream on top, the matcha flavoring and of course, the soft and fluffy consistency of the pancakes themselves.  Obviously, for those of you who know how to eat a big stack of pancakes, you need to get all of those things in one big bite!  

Baklava Pancakes 

Felicia Zhang

As soon as this dish was served, my jaw literally dropped at how drop dead GORGEOUS it was.  All the little pieces of baklava, the crumbled up sunflower seeds, the decoration around the plate and how perfectly stacked the pancakes were, made me so ready to dive in.  Best part was, it tasted even BETTER than how it looked.  The pancakes weren't too sweet, but still rather nice and fluffy, so with the perfect amount of syrup, baklava crumble and sunflower seeds, this felt like the absolute perfect combination.  

Felicia Zhang

Brookline Lunch is totally 101% worth the wait on a busy morning or afternoon.  Come prepared with cash (as Brookline Lunch is cash only) anytime from 8:30 to 3:30 pm, and, of course, an empty stomach.  All your cravings will be satisfied here.  Whether you're craving something sweet, something savory, something caffeinated or want to venture out of your traditional brunch spots and explore cool places, Brookline Lunch is the place. 

Ready to eat away the Sunday scaries?

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