Living in a college town, as college students, the majority of us are looking for patterns or habits to make our, "home away from home", feel more familiar to us. After being at Penn State for three years, one of the best traditions is brunch at the Waffle Shop on a Sunday morning.

Brunch is not just something for, "basic", young women like me to enjoy. It is something for all of your family and friends too! Their large menu has so many different options to energize and refuel you after the weekend. Which can be especially necessary during football season!  

1. The Best Place to Catch Up

After a long weekend of football, hanging out with friends, and forgetting about all of your school work there is nothing you will need more than to catch up with friends. Brunch is the best spot to chat about all that happened over the weekend with your friends. Penn State students usually begin their weekends on Thursdays making for a ton to talk about over the span of four days. Whether you’re meeting up with the friends you spent the weekend with or a friend you haven’t seen in a while, the Waffle Shop is a great place to catch up.

2. Can Cure Hangovers 

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Rica Beltran

If you’re 21, this may be the incentive for you! All my 21 year old friends who spend their Saturday nights at a bar downtown, love to cure their hangovers with a big breakfast at the Waffle Shop. From a great cup of coffee, to all different types of pastries, they have the comfort foods you need — and the best part is that on a lazy Sunday morning, you don’t have to do any cooking at home! 

#ProTip: Order the Grilled Blueberry Muffin with butter, it's heavenly. 

3. There Is Something on the Menu for Everyone

While their speciality is amazing waffles (hence why it’s called the Waffle Shop), there are so many other options to choose from. They offer omelettes for both vegetarians and meat lovers, a variety of different pancakes, from blueberry to chocolate chip (the pecan are my personal favorite), and classics like Eggs Benedict. If you’re not a breakfast food freak like me, there is burgers, sandwiches, and salads on the menu as well. 

4. A Big Meal Leads to A Productive Day

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Jocelyn Hsu

Sundays are an important day to get your sh*t together after a long weekend of not doing any work. A ton of Penn State students like to spend their Sundays doing laundry, working out, or studying at the library. The key to getting energized for a long and productive day is starting off with a hardy breakfast. Having a big breakfast gives me the fuel I need in order to get back on track with my school work and priorities. I can get where I need to be to start a new week on Monday. 

5. Best Place to Host A Meal with Guest

Taking parents or friends who are visiting to the Waffle Shop is a little Penn State tradition. (Hence the super long line on Sunday mornings.) Make sure you get there early if you’re super impatient and not willing to wait, but trust me, it goes by fast and the food is it! The Waffle Shop is a family favorite and is the perfect place to take your parents to eat before they make the trip home. You are bound to see a handful of parents indulging in their favorite breakfast foods on any give weekend. 

6. Breakfast Any Time of the Day

The Waffle Shop is known for their killer breakfast food — it’s simply what they do! No matter how late you sleep in on a Sunday, no matter how late you show up to the restaurant, they will always have breakfast available for you! A ton of restaurants in State College stop serving breakfast after a certain time but not at the Waffle Shop. They close at 3 pm during the week and 4 pm on weekends, giving you plenty of time to have a slow, leisurely morning and then go grab a bite to eat

7.  Affordable Prices for College Student

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Low prices are key. As college students, we are all balling on a budget. Everything on the menu at the Waffle Shop is super affordable and doesn’t make a student feel like they are breaking the bank for a meal. Full breakfast meals with eggs, potatoes, and toast, are about $8 and if you add a cup of coffee to that you’re looking at a $10 meal. It’s great to have a place in a great location with delicious food that is well priced.

While there are plenty of great breakfast spots in State College, the warm, friendly vibe and amazing food choices at the Waffle Shop make this the best place to be on a Sunday morning. If you decide to take my advice this Sunday, I'll see you there!