A Hamptons Native knows all the correct ice cream places to go to when they vacation there every summer. They have seen some go out of the business and others that stay, which the ones below have proven to do so. Each one of these ice cream parlors is unique in its own way. These are the places you must try this summer in the Hamptons.

1. Shock Ice Cream & Dessert Cafe

You will definitely leave this place in utter shock. They have the coolest flavors from oatmeal cream pie to Play Doh. Also worth it to try their ice cream wrapped in cotton candy or even their bubble waffle cones. Maybe Adam Sandler will make an appearance too.

2. Ben & Jerry’s

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Danielle Kornbluh

Although there are Ben & Jerry's locations throughout the United States, this location is a keeper. Not only do they serve ice cream, but they have an entire candy bar. Candy and ice cream, can it get any better?

3. Big Olaf's Ice Cream

Might be a long line, but is 100% worth trying. It is easily one of the best ice cream places ever, making homemade ice cream on the daily. Finish off your order with some fresh peanut butter or even fresh cookie dough.

4. Scoop Du Jour

Another ice cream place out east that tops off their ice cream with cookie dough. Not only are their ice cream flavors unforgettable, but they also serve fresh baked donuts daily. If you are ever in East Hampton, this place is worth its hype.

5. Tate’s Bake Shop

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Danielle Kornbluh

They serve a variety of fresh baked goods, from an assortment of cookies to muffins to brownies. They also serve ice cream sandwiches using two chocolate chip cookies with ice cream in the middle. Sometimes they will even dip it in pure chocolate.

6. Bridgehampton Candy Kitchen

Besides being famous for their lunch food, they also have the best homemade ice cream. They have a variety of classic flavors from cookie dough to coffee to fudge brownie to mint chocolate chip. Celebrities have even made a stop here, including Justin Bieber.

7. Gemelli Gelato

The first place in the Hamptons to dedicate their business to gelato. They have every gelato flavor and topping that you can wish for. They even make fresh waffles to use as a base for your gelato.

8. BuddhaBerry

Craving a self-serve frozen yogurt place but can't find one, try this one in Sag Harbor. They have so many sorbet flavors and just regular frozen yogurt flavors too. Besides their frozen yogurt, they sell a variety of candy too.

9. The Fudge Company

The Fudge Company is more than just ice cream, it also has candy and makes fresh baked goods, such as chocolate chip cookies. They have amazing soft serve flavors and hard ice cream flavors, such as cookie dough to just plain old chocolate.

10. Yummylicious!

Another amazing frozen yogurt place in the Hamptons, that also includes hard ice cream. Besides this, also try a milkshake, that will bring all the boys to the yard. Just a typical ice cream place to satisfy your craving.

11. Hampton Smoothie

A small frozen yogurt shoppe right in the middle of Westhampton Beach. They have an array of flavors, from chocolate to vanilla to peanut butter to pistachio. Top it off with some sprinkles, chocolate chips, gummy bears, and so much more.

12. Sant Ambroeus

Besides being known for serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, they have an entire dessert and gelato bar. Stop by for some gelato on a hot summer day, while cruising in the Village of Southampton.