If you happen to be a resident of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey or Florida, you are blessed enough to say that you've been to a Wawa. I feel terribly awful for all others who do not know what it is like to go on a Wawa run. 

Wawa is known for its convenient gas station food and 24/7 service. What started off as a simple food market has blossomed into a gas station and food market with over 600 locations in six states. Pretty incredible considering it has only been in business for just over 50 years. If you have ever been to a Wawa, you can relate to these feelings you have before, during, and after your Wawa run. 

1. Hangry 

You first start off hangry. You are desperate for food and have no time to waste before you start eating your arm off. You want something quick that you aren't going to regret eating in two hours. 

2. Stumped

Now that you are hangry, you need to figure out where to go. You're probably listing your favorite fast food places and calculating the pros and cons of each in order to decide on which one will satisfy your overwhelming hunger. Ultimately you can't decide what you are in the mood for or which is most convenient. 

3. Relief

God bless. You finally remember that Wawa is open and has everything you want and is right around the corner if you live in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey or Florida. You jump into the car with your squad, and go for a Wawa run.

4. Panic

You step foot into Wawa and are immediately overwhelmed with options. What do you choose? There's breakfast sandwiches, Hoagies, salads, quesadillas, paninis, soups, and so many snacks. You didn't think you'd want everything but now that you are here you realize that everything Wawa has you need, and you need it now. 

5. Cool, Calm, & Collected

It's ok. You've taken a deep breath, you've passed the panic stage. You've come to the decision that since it's Hoagie fest, obvi you're getting a Hoagie. You go up to the kiosk and select your favorite Hoagie and can't wait to get home and eat it. 

6. Excitement 

It's the moment of truth. Your Hoagie is ready, you paid and drove home. You finally returned from your Wawa run and sit down to devour your food. You are beyond excited and so happy with everything you've accomplished, especially at your ability to not freak out over being hangry.

7. Satisfaction

Now that you've taken your first few bites of your heavenly Wawa sandwich you are overcome with satisfaction. After a few hours of being starved you are relieved with joy and realize that every minute of waiting for this satisfaction was totally worth it. 

8. Emptiness

Well now what? You've finished your food but realize you want more and have to go through the pros and cons again to see if it is worth it to go back to Wawa and get more. Decisions, decisions...

9. Denial

You have reached denial. You keep trying to convince yourself that you don't want more, but you know you do. You are on the border of whether or not to have a repeat of this blissful experience or sit on your couch denying yourself of food.

10. Joy

I mean let's be serious. You're kidding yourself when you said you weren't going to go back to Wawa to get more food. Well played for having yourself convinced for that slight moment that you didn't want another Hoagie. Time to get back in the car for another Wawa run.

No matter if you go to Wawa just for its coffee or a simple sandwich, you know Wawa is better than any other gas station—no matter how much people try to convince you otherwise. After all, Wawa is your most favorite hello and hardest goodbye.