It’s the most wonderful time of time of year again: Wawa Hoagiefest season.

Wawa stores’ Hoagiefest is  annual ode to their perfect hoagies. During Hoagiefest (June 23 through August 24)they offer $4.99 10 inch classic hoagies, any toppings, all summer long.


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But what is Wawa you ask? I have come across far too many poor unfortunate souls that don’t know about the magical mid-Atlantic chain of Wawa convenience stores, or even worse, think that other stores are better than Wawa. HA. If you are either such person, I am here to provide you with insight on the matter.

Today is first day on the road to a Wawa-knowledgeable nation. This anarchy must end.


1. Sandwiches

Hands down the best part of Wawa. The touch screen personalized ordering stations allow you to get EXACTLY what you want down to the side of banana peppers and pickles without having to feel high maintenance for asking for 15 toppings, 8 sauces, and a toasted bun but not the entire sandwich.

Who wants to have to communicate anyway? You can be the boss without being bossy.

2. Soft Pretzels

For Pennsylvanians, soft pretzels can really be eaten at any time of day for any occasion (or for no reason whatsoever). And Wawa pretzels are straight fire. You can get traditional, everything, or…Wait for it…CHEESE STUFFED (cheddar and jalapeño). Yeah. They taste just as lit as they sound.

3. Hot Dogs


While I don’t really even like hot dogs, theres something different about a Wawa hot dog. Hugged by a soft, perfectly fit bun, and placed in the warmer, there is nothing quite like it. All beef, ¼ pounder, or bacon bit and cheese Wawa dogs are truly a wonder.

4. Coffee


Dozens of delicious flavors are available via self serve all day long. Mild, medium, kona, rich and bold—Wawa coffee offers them all. I personally enjoy the French vanilla or salted caramel on occasion but hey, if you’re more of a hazel-NUT they have that too.

And for those who don’t actually like the taste of coffee, Wawa also offers DELICIOUS iced coffee options that taste much more like ice cream than the real stuff (the mocha mint is unreal).

On a similar note, I think its only fair to mention that Wawa also offers a wide selection of frozen coffee beverages, lattes, teas, and smoothies at the touch of a button (or touch screen to be more exact).

5. Hot Snacks To Go


In the morning they offer a selection of hot breakfast sandwiches for a quick grab and go. You can get a bagel, biscuit, or English muffin with egg and assorted toppings like sausage, bacon, and taylor ham. But the goodness doesn’t end there…

For the rest of the day they stock buffalo chicken, Siraccha, artichoke and cheese bites, mozzarella sticks (and as I mentioned before cheesy stuffed pretzels. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

6. Cold Snacks to Go


From salads, wraps, and sandwiches to string cheese yogurt and eggs the cold section really has it all. Some of the Wawa made special gems from this section are the buffalo chicken dip, cannoli dip, and the grape, cheese, and cracker tray. Wawa even packages its own unique yogurt parfaits with toppings like mango and cookie dough in addition to the childhood favoite: dirt-in-a-cup. Yum.

7. F’real Milkshakes (and Slushies)


At the back of every Wawa is where the real magic happens. There you will find a glowing blue machine stationed right next to a mini fridge filled with various flavors of f’real milkshakes. Mmmm. Reese’s, mint chocolate chip, coffee, or vanilla—the world of frozen beverages is your oyster.

If milkshakes aren’t really your thing don’t worry, every Wawa also has a slushie machine with various flavors depending on the day. You can mix and match to your little heart’s desire.

8. Tastycake Products


BUT WAIT. THERE’S MORE. The 8th wonder of Wawa are tastycakes. This might just be a Pennsylvania/Jersey thing but I can always count on Wawa for a butterscotch krimpet or pack powdered mini donuts (perfect for a weekend by the shore). If you’ve never had a tastycake before you don’t know what you’re missing.