I wasn’t too familiar with the inside of a Wawa gas station up until last month when one suddenly appeared out of thin air about two miles from my house. I’ve seen them in Orlando and Tampa but I never had a reason to go to one. Plus, there wasn’t one close to me at the time so why drive?


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Alexandria Jones

I don’t know how many times people I know raved to me about how bomb AF their sandwiches are. The moment I saw a Wawa was coming to my neighborhood, I thought it was finally my chance to taste a sandwich and see what everyone is raving about!

One Saturday after work I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to eat for dinner. I considered eating at a few other places when it hit me: Why don’t I finally try Wawa? I chose the Tuscan Oven Roasted Turkey sandwich with double cheese and turkey and a small peach mango smoothie to drink it down.

Dinner of Champions

Alexandria Jones

Placing an order isn’t difficult. Like many things in 2016, I ordered my sandwich off a computer. You have the choice of ordering from the menu or customizing your order. You can mix and match or just go with what’s already available. I liked seeing how my sandwich is made and hearing my smoothie being made me excited to be eating these foods. I was salivating as soon as I placed my order.

New Addiction

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Alexandria Jones

The turkey sandwich and smoothies were everything I expected. Now I see why people can’t stop raving about them. I thought the double cheese and turkey was going to make the sandwich huge and bigger than my mouth. I was surprised to see it wasn’t huge and I didn’t have to break my jaw in order for it to fit. The freshness of the tomato and spinach was a salad in a hoagie bun. The veggies weren’t soggy and wilted like other places. I almost took them off the sandwich to eat off the bun because of their crispness.

The peach and mango of the smoothie tasted fresh off a tree. Within the first sip, it was clear which was the peach and the mango and there were still some chunks of frozen fruit mixed in! I stuck to McDonald’s for my smoothies before but I’m converting to another place for smoothies.

If there is a hierarchy of gas station food, Wawa is #1.