Food and drink companies are always trying to find their way into the merchandise world, like Jollibee’s line of a few shirts and a cute bucket hat and the Cheesecake Factory’s line of beachy summer products that launch in just a few days. But most of the time, we just love these food brands for what they do best, food. And even though I love Jollibee and the Cheesecake Factory, wearing my love for them on my sleeve — literally — isn’t really my style. That is, until I saw a few promotions on TikTok for the Poppi merchandise. The graphic tees, sweatshirts, and hats are in the coolest streetwear style, and come in gorgeous colors that match some of the favorite Poppi cans.

Here's how to purchase the Poppi Birthday Suit.

No, it’s not the birthday suit you’re thinking of. In honor of the soda company’s fourth birthday, Poppi launched its Birthday Suit Sweatsuit on March 4. The birthday suit comes with a heavy rib knit crewneck and a pair of sweatpants in the color “raspberry rose” — hot pink with bright red print, in the same style of the classic flavor. The back of the crewneck says “The Future Served Fresh,” which is an ode to its Super Bowl XLVIII commercial, and “Save Water Drink Soda” reads down the right leg.

Photo from Poppi

The Birthday Suit retails for a whopping $120, which I am currently telling myself is not that much money. Girl math — I’ve probably spent that much in the past year just buying Poppi to drink, so basically I already paid for it. Surprisingly, the Birthday Suit has not sold out yet, so you can still purchase yours now. Unfortunately, the crew neck and the sweatpants are not sold separately.

The Poppi TikTok is filled with team members wearing the pink sweatsuit, but they aren’t the only ones wearing their love of Poppi. Just yesterday, recent star of The Bachelor Joey Graziadei and his fiancée, Kelsey Anderson, posted a catchy TikTok video together in their Poppi Birthday Suits, which already has 1.8 million views. Poppi x The Bachelor collaboration coming soon?

Is there a new Lemon Lime Poppi sweatsuit?

Even though the birthday suit dropped just over a month ago, there’s even fresher news coming from the prebiotic soda brand. Today marks the launch of Poppi’s brand new Lemon Lime flavor. This flavor comes as no surprise since Poppi has continued to make popular sodas in a healthier way. These "Classic Sodas" include Classic Cola, Root Beer, Doc Pop — a cherry soda flavor similar to Dr. Pepper — and now Lemon Lime.

I will definitely be trying the new flavor, that’s for sure (although it may be hard to beat my love of Doc Pop and Watermelon). But what I’m more concerned about is the tease of a never before seen neon green Poppi sweatsuit that the brand posted on its TikTok. Just yesterday, Poppi posted a TikTok with the caption “Heard it’s heatin’ up in the desert” with hashtags for Coachella, which starts tomorrow. Coachella in the desert isn’t exactly the place I would wear a Poppi sweatsuit to, but if it means getting my hands on this Lemon Lime sweatsuit, I would do it in a heartbeat.