Every Coke drinker knows the struggle of being asked "is Pepsi is okay?" (It never is.) But the argument of Sierra Mist, the nostalgic lemon-lime soda owned by Pepsi, versus Sprite, Coca-Cola's competitor, is one that has raged on for years.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on which is your favorite), that fight has come to an end — sort of. Pepsi stated this week that it will stop making Sierra Mist as it was not competing well enough with Sprite, which has a market value of $82 million.

But Sierra Mist fans, don’t fret. Pepsi is not getting rid of the soda completely. Instead, it is introducing Starry, a new beverage targeted at Gen Z with a tagline inspired by the internet and bright and colorful branding that looks partially inspired by its predecessor. "Starry Hits Different” is the slogan, with influence coming straight from TikTok. The social media platform, which has been the primary driver of success for the smaller soda brand Olipop, is where Pepsi hopes to debut Starry. 

As far as taste goes, Starry looks to be similar to Sierra Mist, both labeled as a lemon-lime soda with a sugar-free version and a regular version. This refresh on the classic will be available at stores across the country this week. Will you try it?