There's nothing quite like a crisp, refreshing Pepsi. It's got bubbles, sweetness, and a cool, energizing flavor. But this holiday season, the soda brand, an actor, and a mythical character want you to add a little something extra to the drink. And they are calling it Pilk.

In an unlikely pairing, Lindsay Lohan, who you probably just watched in Netflix's Falling for Christmas, and Santa Claus, who you recognize as the big guy in the red suit with a suspicious amount of reindeer, are encouraging you to pour a little milk in your Pepsi. The campaign calls it a "delicious combination of a crisp Pepsi with the subtly sweet and creamy taste of milk." And what does Pepsi plus milk equal? Pilk.

This may cause you to raise just as much concern as the mayo-nog did. And I get it. I also approach the mixture of dairy with soda with intense hesitation. But actually, the combination is called a dirty soda, and it originated in Utah. The original version has cola, syrup, lime juice, and heavy cream, but Pilk is  geared more towards the holidays as it's meant to be enjoyed with cookies

I have to say, upon further consideration, it looks good. Adding milk (or dare I suggest heavy cream, though my tummy doth protest) would bring such a lovely creaminess to the bubbly beverage. Anyone have any thoughts? Maybe I'll leave out a cold glass of this with some fresh baked cookies for the man coming down the chimney this year.

Image by Pepsi

If you want to try it, follow @Pepsi on Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter, and share a photo or video of yourself with the hashtags #PilkandCookies and #Sweepstakes. You could win cash for your holiday gifts.