A while ago, I saw a whole internet debate about eating oranges in the shower. It was argued that eating oranges in the heat and steam of a shower enhanced the culinary experience. It even provides some additional stress relief. Now, cocktails are the new oranges with a new way of enjoying a beverage — a shower cocktail.

What is a shower cocktail?

Popularized by TikToker Graydon Cutler (@graydoncutler), shower cocktails, or a shower cwocky as Graydon says, is any cocktail that you drink in the shower, making it the perfect way to pregame. Now that we’re 21+, we’ve all probably dreamed or even tried drinking a glass of wine while in the bathtub after seeing it on TV. A shower cocktail gives a similar vibe but faster and less skin prune-y, making it perfect before going out. 

How to properly prepare for a shower cocktail.

Whether you’re about to go out or staying in for the night, make a cocktail or mocktail to add to your self-care moment. Get creative, try a new drink, and let your mixologist dreams come to life. However, keep it simple. The final touch is pouring it into a cute glass or plastic cup and taking it to the shower. Make sure to garnish and enjoy!

Spoon Tip: Make sure it’s shower-friendly, meaning don’t make your drinks too strong.

Now comes the tricky or slippery part. You’ll already be doing some multi-tasking with the hygiene aspect of your shower, so setup is important, especially if you’re using real glass. Any cracks or breaks could definitely ruin a night, so please be careful! Put your cocktail on a ledge near the shower head to avoid bumping into it. You might even get some shower water in there (refreshing). If you don’t have a great place to set up, I recommend purchasing a silicone wine glass holder. No ledge? No problem. Leave your glass on your sink’s countertop or another sturdy space. Now, if you still don’t love the idea of taking a drink in the shower, consider a post-shower cocktail. 

The best shower cocktail recipes

Aperol Spritz

The French are gushed over for their cocktails, and for good reason. Aperol Spritz are classic, cute, and perfect in the shower.

Vodka Cran

It’s classic. If you’re in college, you likely have vodka nearby. Grab some cranberry juice, a dash of OJ, a dash of lime juice, and of course, vodka!

Basil Lemonade Mocktail

This sweet and simple recipe is a perfect adult upgrade — lemonade with a basil twist.