Nothing seems more glamorous than lighting candles along the edge of your bathtub, sinking into a layer of bubbles, and relaxing with a glass of wine in hand. Arguably one of the best TV scenes of all time is in “Friends” when Monica and Chandler settle down for a romantic bath together, only to have Joey barge in on them to see if they want fried chicken. While the fried chicken bit isn’t that glamorous, you’ve got to admit that the idea of spending an evening drinking wine in the tub has major appeal.

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Samantha Dockser

If I’m being perfectly honest though, I’ve never attempted to bring a drink of any kind into the bathtub for the same reason I never try to read in the tub: it’s physically impossible to not get soapy water over everything you touch while taking a bath. Soggy book pages and soapy wine? No thanks, I’m good. I’d much rather sit in silence than spend my entire “relaxing” bath experience worried that I’d drop my wine glass in the bath water and potentially cut myself on broken glass.

Luckily, someone else understands my fear. A UK company called Bubble Buddies recently launched a product that holds your wine or champagne glass for you while you’re taking a bath. Bubble Buddies doesn’t damage your bath tub, as the device sticks to your wall, meaning the setup is ridiculously simple.

#SpoonTip: Red wine is best for sipping in the bath, as it’s best enjoyed room temperature. White wine and champagne won’t stay chilled for long in a steamy bathroom.

If you want to score this product for your own relaxing baths, you’ll definitely want to order one now. Bubble Buddies just launched this month, and sold out its entire stock in the first day—apparently everyone hates juggling a wine glass while bathing. Don't worry though, their ingenious products are back in stock and can be purchased here