While walking on East 14th Street in New York, you’ll notice something about the Trader Joe's on that street — there are two of them. On March 26, Trader Joe’s opened a mini store in New York City’s Union Square. Named Trader Joe's Pronto, the shop is a grab-and-go extension of the main store just steps away.

What is Trader Joe’s Pronto for?

Trader Joe's Pronto provides a faster convenience to shoppers, selling sandwiches, drinks, snacks, and more on the go without frantically scouring across the bigger store. Pronto opens daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., aiming to carry more of the products customers in this neighborhood purchase daily, according to CPS Daily News.

Aside from being a grab-and-go market, a difference between Pronto and a regular Trader Joe’s is the size. A typical Trader Joe’s is approximately 15,000 square feet, while the Trader Joe's Pronto location is 2,800 square feet.

On the surface, Trader Joe’s is competing with grocery store chains that are downsizing to a smaller format or with already-established mini stores (i.e. Carrefour). However, the grocery store chain doesn’t plan on expanding Trader Joe's Pronto markets outside of Union Square.

How do Trader Joe’s fans feel about the sudden change?

Before Pronto, Trader Joe’s had a wine shop in its place that closed in August 2022. All Trader Joe’s in New York State only sell beer, making the building on 138 East 14th Street the only Trader Joe's to buy cheap wine.

“The wine shop was so great,” wrote TikTok user @dop3ritean under @evaknuds’ video. “I would get a baguette with brie and pop over to the wine shop for a bottle of $2 Chuck. 😭.”

Some people aren’t loving the sudden change, demanding the company to bring back the wine shop.

Reddit user @ttrockwood wrote, “Not amused. Trader Joe's sandwiches and cut fruit and such are, kind of tragic. Just, open a wine store again. Anywhere in Manhattan.”

However, a few Trader Joe’s fans are okay with the TJ Pronto with TikTok user @hannahrosesmitthh writing, “I'm okay with losing the wine shop for this, this is a win.”