New York, New York - the motherland of food. Although it does have its fair share of fast food locations and chains, it has an even bigger share of unique, trendy places that can seriously improve your trip into the city.

McDonald's isn't a thing... head to Sticky's.

cookie, sweet
Mackenzie Patel

McDonald's is all over the place and uses plastic in their chicken nuggets, which is totally gross. At Sticky's, the ingredients are real, and flavorful, the employees are incredibly nice, and the very unique menu offers food found no where else.

Insomnia Cookies by night, or City Cookies by Day?

butter, chips, cookie, chocolate
Collette Block

Why would you want to eat warm cookies when you're tired anyway? Why not eat beautiful, warm half pound cookies when you're awake and are actually able to take pics of your cookies? Did you know that instagramming your food actually makes it taste better? I swear.

Chipotle is faux Mexican food. El Luchador is real Mexican food.

corn, lettuce, chili, chicken, tacos
Cherese Shelton

Chipotle claims to use the best of the best meat and ingredients, but that is a lie. If their ingredients are so good, then why did they ever have e-coli? That's something that you won't have to worry about at El Luchador. Also, at El Luchador, you can have real flavorful Mexican food for lower price.

Dylan's Candy.... bars are not meant for candy. Try Sockerbit instead.

cake, chocolate, sweet, candy
Caroline Ingalls

By the end your time at Dylan's, you're probably going to be racking up the big bucks, for not a whole lot of candy. Everything that Dylan's has, Sockerbit does better.

Real people bars also have really long lines. You're better off at Tipsy Scoop.

dairy product, milk, beer
Zara Toh

When visiting New York in the summer, it's most likely going to be either super hot, and/or humid. You're going to want to cool off, so obviously you'll gravitate towards a bar to grab a drink. Why do that when you can have desert and alcohol at the same time at Tipsy Scoop? Yup, that's right. Liquor-infused ice cream.

Times Square? Go to Gansevoort Market instead.

Anna Woolery

Times Square is a trap. Don't enter it. It's poisonous, crowded, and full of fast food. If you want amazing food, that's not coming from overpriced chains, head straight to Gansevoort Market.

Gansevoort Market has everything from macarons, to ice cream, to burgers, empanadas, gelato, pizza, tacos, crepes, Peruvian, and poke. 

Subway is a mode of transportation - not a place to eat. Head to Katz's Deli instead.

ham, toast, bread, sandwich
Jocelyn Hsu

Subway often isn't honest about how long their sandwiches are and use mostly frozen ingredients. Why would anyone want to endure more lies and disappointment than they already experience? At Katz's, they give you the real deal for  a great price, and will leave you far from disappointed

Forget about Dunkin Donuts. Head to Dough instead.

dessert, donut, cake, milk chocolate, coffee, cream, sweet, milk, candy, chocolate
Amelia Hitchens

Donuts. You want donuts. Dunkin' Donuts usually aren't fresh, are rock solid, and are often bland tasting. With Dough, the donuts are made fresh, are extremely flavorful, and are sure to make you feel like you're biting into a very soft cloud. I want to eat a soft cloud - not a hockey puck at Dunks. 

Whatever you may end up choosing to do, I'd like you to remember two things. First, tourist traps are usually overloaded with advertisements, and overpriced food. Second, chain restaurants are almost everywhere - you're in New York for a reason!