Walking to a candy shop is an amazing thing to do at any age. Some candy shops can be found almost anywhere, while some candy shops only have two locations, like Sockerbit.

What's Sockerbit, and why is it so special?

Sockerbit is a Swedish candy shop. The interior of it is all white, giving off a welcoming and calm vibe. Sockerbit offers a wide selection of candies, sodas, general food products, and even some cute little trinkets. 

What makes Sockerbit special is that their candies don't taste like the over processed candies sold at places such as Dylan's Candy Bar. Something to keep in mind is that Dylan's is more likely to sell American candies while Sockerbit is more focused on Swedish candies.

What makes it so different that it's better than Dylan's Candy Bar?

One perk that Sockerbit has over Dylan's would be that regardless of the time and location, you'll never have to wait in a long obnoxious line. Tourists (especially in New York) LOVE traps such as Dylan's, which adds to their long lines. 

When walking through Sockerbit, I have space and everything there is incredibly clean and organized. On the other hand, when walking through Dylan's, I feel like I'm going through a maze with candy all up in my face. When walking through any shop, I'd appreciate it if I had space to move around and not have to worry about bumping into something or someone.

With any shop, having enough space for both customers and items is key. If the customers in a shop are constantly pushing up against one another just to get something, do you think those customers will come back again? No. They might order online, but they'll save themselves the hassle of going back to your shop in person.

By the end of the day, I'd rather have fresh and interesting candies that are different from a smaller candy shop than overpay at a tourist trap for candy that I could get down the block at my local drugstore for a dollar.