Although Great Britain and the United States arguably both have their gastronomical strengths and weaknesses, there is one food category where Britain dominates: Candy.

Here are a few reasons reasons why you should drop your Hershey’s bar and make a trip across the pond for some delectable British sweets.

1. You can replace the fruit in your diet with chocolate.

American Candy

Photo by VerseVend

Who needs real fruit when you have a Terry’s Chocolate orange instead?

2. You can exchange your frittata or omlette for a Cadbury’s Creme Egg… or two.

American Candy

Photo by Jack Lyons

With a creamy yolk center, these eggs are basically the real deal.

3. You get to eat the chocolate version of a cloud.

American Candy

Photo by Paul Scott

Aero bars, Twirls, and Flakes are the light, airy deliciousness your tastebuds have been asking for.

4. You can play “I Spy” with your treats.

American Candy

Photo by JonoTakesPhotos

With a coke bottle, a fried egg, a ring, and a bear all in one place, Haribo Starmix is the perfect eclectic feast for your eyes and your belly.

5. You get to eat the ultimate chocolate covered marshmallow heaven.

American Candy

Photo by FraserElliot

This British sweet treat is present at every tea time and easily puts American MoonPies to shame.

6. You can get chocolate inside your chocolate.

American Candy

Photo by Sean MacEntee

In a Cadbury Easter Egg, you get to eat a delicious hollow milk chocolate egg only to find mini eggs or chocolate bars on the inside.

7. You get to wake up on Christmas Day and eat 7 bars of chocolate before breakfast.

American Candy

Photo by Craig Rodway

Thanks to the Cadbury’s selection box sitting under the Tree, you get to start Christmas off right by eating a whole ton of chocolate before your breakfast.

8. You can give your toddler chocolate initiation.

American Candy

Photo by JonoTakesPhotos

Before toddlers can even say the word “chocolate,” they get their first tastes with chocolate buttons (preferably the white chocolate to avoid a mess, of course).

9. You can learn your farm animals.

American Candy

Photo by Mark Hillary

The gummy pigs, sheep, and cows inside Percy Pigs and Friends is the perfectly delicious way to learn your farm animals.