You're eating out at a restaurant and the waiter accidentally gives you the table next to your’s food. Your extreme hunger and excitement to see a giant plate of steaming anything plopped in front of you blinds you from the fact that this dish isn’t what you actually ordered. But you’ve already taken a bite and it’s too late and you’re already in too deep. On February 26th, the cast of La La Land was given something that wasn’t actually theirs, but like you and me, what they were handed was not something they were going to turn away. After a much awkward realization the Oscar they were given belonged to the people sitting at another table- the table seating the cast of Moonlight. 

The Oscar for best film was originally given to La La Land instead of Moonlight. Mix ups like these happen all the time, not only at award shows. The cast of La La Land had no control over this situation- like a busy waiter in a restaurant, they were accidentally given something that wasn’t theirs.

If you’re like me, you know how it feels to experience an awkward or disappointing scenario that you sadly had zero control over. Some of the saddest or most disappointing of these scenarios happen to involve food, since my life kinda revolves around food. So here are ten times our food loving hearts have been let down. 

1. Biting into an oatmeal raisin cookie thinking it’s chocolate chip

Nothing gives me trust issues more than biting into an oatmeal raisin cookie thinking it’s a chocolate chip cookie. Every time I see an oatmeal raisin after the fact I just feel cheated. No one should have to be played like that. 

2. Thinking your waiter is bringing your food to your table but he turns the other way

Seeing the waiter leave the kitchen doors balancing plates of steaming food coming towards you is probably the equivalent of waking up on Christmas morning- until he sideswipes your table and gives the food to the table next to you. At that point, the Christmassy feeling has gone down the drain.

3. When you ask for Coke and your waiter asks if Pepsi is okay

juice, straw, beverage, candy, beer, ice, soda
Delaney Strunk

It’s like buying the grocery store brand of Oreo sandwich cookies instead of buying real Oreos- it’s just wrong.

4. When you pick up take out only to go home and find they forgot part of your meal

chicken, rice
Casey Hack

It’s a sad day scavenging through your take out bags for what could have been, like your order of fried dumplings with soy sauce that seem to be MIA.

5. The sight of a full cup of iced coffee spilled fresh from Dunkin or Starbucks

The sight of a full cup of iced coffee fresh from Dunkin or Starbucks spilled on the ground causes true heartbreak- it's any coffee lover's nightmare. That’s one whole Dunkin or Starbucks gift card from your grandma gone to waste.

6. Onions on your burger when you asked for no onions

Why give yourself onion breath if you can avoid it?

7. Making the trek to Dairy Queen for a S’mores Blizzard finding they’re out of graham cracker base

When summer seems like it’s right around the corner, I can’t think of a better way to make it come faster than indulging in a seasonal and perfect s’mores blizzard from Dairy Queen. When you finally make the trip across town, and see the s’mores blizzard sign propped in the window, you feel like a new person- until the Dairy Queen worker tells you they’re out of the graham cracker base. This is guaranteed to force you to accept that it’s still winter, and you are even more s'more-less than before.

8. When your family finds the food you hid in the fridge and eats it

We’ve all tried to hide that mouth-watering last piece of cake from our hungry fam in the back of the fridge, protected behind the milk and the orange juice. There’s nothing like the heart shattering feeling of realizing that sucker is long gone, thanks to your little brother’s uncontrollable appetite.

9. Biting into a glazed donut to find out it’s jelly

bread, chocolate, dough, cream, beignets, jam, doughnut, cake, sweet, pastry
Sara Tane

Please donut get me wrong, I love jelly- just not when it surprises me inside of my donut, and drips onto my shirt. For me, jelly belongs with peanut butter sandwiched between two slices of bread.

10. Mint ice cream without the chocolate chips

ice, chocolate, cream, cupcake
Theresa Adams

Mint paired with chocolate is a must- if you don’t believe me, ask the Girl Scouts who make millions off of the iconic Thin Mints cookie every year. Depriving mint ice cream from its chocolate chip counterpart should be against the law, or in this case, the Girl Scout law. 

Of all these foodie fails, none are as disappointing as accepting an Oscar on National television thinking you won it, only to realize it was never yours to begin with. Think of this the next time you’re feeling down about the extra order of spring rolls your favorite Chinese food place left out of your take out order. It’s never the end of the world though- whether it’s you and your spring rolls or La La Land and an Oscar, you’ll get ‘em next time.