British singer Ed Sheeran is joining your local grocery store’s shelf (or more accurately your online shopping cart), alongside a plethora of other celebrity owned brands. Sheeran will join the ranks of celebrities like Emma Chamberlain, Noah Schnapp, Joe Jonas, and Cardi B in selling food products of their own. Sheeran will be selling his product, all natural hot sauces.

Celebrity-owned food and drink brands have become a popular way for celebrities to continue building their careers and expanding their empires. You can find celeb-owned coffee, tomato sauce, baking mix, candy, whipped cream, hazelnut spread, water, and now, Ed Sheeran's hot sauce. Alcohol is a big one too, and according to, at least 34 celebrities have alcohol brands including Pitbull, Kendall Jenner, George Clooney, the Rock, Elon Musk, Drake, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Post Malone.

So, who is this Ted?

Ted is Ed and Ed is Ted. Make sense? Well, before we knew him as Ed Sheeran, his childhood nickname was Teddy. Teddy has been born again as Ted (because he's an adult), and the bear on the hot sauce bottle is him.

As a lifelong ketchup and hot sauce enthusiast, Sheeran has always dreamt of making the “ketchup of hot sauces.” Something not so hot, but just right to dollop, drench, or dip your fries, burgers, eggs, tacos, and more with.

What can I expect from Tingly Ted’s?

It takes two to tingle, and right now Ed Sheeran's hot sauce, Tingly Ted’s, is offering a pre-sale bundle of their Tingly and Xtra-Tingly Sauce flavors. On the supreme sauce scale, Tingly is rated Medium and Xtra-Tingly rated Hot. But no need to worry, neither should be hot enough to require a glass of milk. Before adding the sauce to your food, make sure you shake the bottle like you're “dancing in the streets of Barcelona.” After opening, it’s best to keep it chilled.

How can I get Tingly Ted’s?

It is safe to assume that Tingley Ted’s bases their operations and distribution across the pond in Britain. But don’t worry, there are a variety of countries that consumers outside of British borders can order from (unless you're American). Delivery is open to shoppers in New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, France, Malta, Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, and Australia. Americans and the rest of the Western Hemisphere may just have to miss out on this ketchup-like hot sauce. But maybe we can convince Ed —er, Ted — to send some over for us.