I grew up in New England. And if there's one thing us northerners take seriously, it's maple syrup. When we aren't making our entire personality Noah Kahan's album Stick Season, we are drowning our pancakes in the sweet, sticky stuff. Beleive me when I say that you can open up any refrigerator in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, or Rhode Island and find a bottle of New England maple syrup.

So I couldn't have been more excited when I heard Chamberlain Coffee, Emma Chamberlain's coffee brand, just released a shiny collaboration with Runamok, a Vermont-based syrup brand I would gladly dunk my waffles in.

But this product is so much better than the average bottle of pancake syrup. Obviously, the stuff inside the bottle is deliciously sweet with hints of caramel and vanilla. But pouring this syrup all over your breakfast will add some sparkle. Why, you ask? Because it has edible glitter in it.

The new Chamberlain Coffee Vermont-Tapped Sparkle Syrup is  the most unexpected and extra gift for your bestie who is a little too into brunch. And Emma couldn't have chosen a better collaborator as Runamok is the expert on sparkly syrups. In fact, they have a whole line of sparkle syrups, including a very intriguing Snow Globe version.

Chamberlain Coffee also released a vegan pancake mix, which claims to make pancakes to "fluffy perfection." I'm sold. But you better get to adding these items to your cart quickly, because, just like the magic of the holiday season, they will only be around for a limited time.

Chamberlain Coffee Sparkle Syrup, $18.95

Image by Runamok

Holiday Breakfast Bundle, $24

Image by Chamberlain Coffee