Internet phenomenon turned coffee entrepreneur Emma Chamberlain has joined forces via her caffeinated brand Chamberlain Coffee with monk fruit-based beverage brand, Swoon, for a delicious Matcha Lemonade that’s perfect for summer.

Swoon Matcha Lemonade combines two favorite flavors: the earthiness of Chamberlain Coffee’s matcha (which sold out five times) with the bright citrus tang of the monk fruit-sweetened lemonade.

At 70mg of clean caffeine (aka caffeine that’s derived from plants, not synthetically produced in a laboratory), the beverage has almost the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, but with the ceremonial grade, organic matcha. Plus, Swoon’s Matcha Lemonade is sweetened with organic monk fruit for a sugar-free beverage that makes for a refreshing afternoon pick-me-up.

Chamberlain recalls first finding Swoon in her local Erewhon, and was constantly restocking her fridge with Swoon’s drinks.

“I decided one day when making my iced Matcha that I wanted to add something a little more interesting than water and nutpod creamer (which is what I usually use in my iced Matcha), so I tried mixing it with Swoon’s lemonade.” Chamberlain said she was immediately obsessed, and after connecting with the founders of Swoon, they decided that Swoon Matcha Lemonade was the perfect collaboration.

“I’m really proud to join two amazing female founders - Jennifer Ross and Cristina Ros Blankfein - on this Swoon Matcha Lemonade launch,” the 21-year-old YouTube star told Spoon University in an email. “They’ve been a dream to work with and I’m so excited for you guys to try it!”

Read on for our full interview with Emma, where we talk about Chamberlain Coffee, mental health, and of course, her collab with Swoon Matcha Lemonade.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

When did you start drinking coffee? Making it?

I’ve been drinking coffee since middle school. It’s always been a part of my routine in some way. My first coffee memory dates back to around 2006, when my dad and I would go to a café every Sunday morning for scones and coffee (the scone was for me, and the coffee was for my dad … to be clear).

What inspired the creation of Chamberlain Coffee? Why coffee?

One of my dream jobs has always been to become a barista. My career path went in an unexpected direction, and I was fortunate enough to be given the resources to create my own coffee brand. I knew I wanted it to be something that everyone could enjoy. Coffee is something that I cherish every day, and I wanted to build a brand that made as many people’s coffee routine feel [as] special as possible. I’m so grateful to have a brand that I’m passionate about.

When did you decide to launch your own product? Can you give me the SparkNotes version of how you went from the idea for Chamberlain Coffee to the final product we know and love?

In my sophomore year of high school when I started making YouTube videos, I was vlogging about my everyday life, and in those videos I was drinking a lot of coffee to get through high school. People started thinking of me as the coffee girl. A few years later, everyone around me was encouraging me to do more with my love for coffee, so I started getting serious about creating my own business. Chamberlain Coffee was born.

Why Matcha?

I love all Matcha drinks, which is why we created Chamberlain Coffee Matcha. Our matcha just matches perfectly with the Swoon lemonade. The collaboration felt like the perfect fit. Our Chamberlain Coffee Matcha is also one of our best sellers, so I knew people would be into it (it’s perfect for non-coffee drinkers!).

I love your products’ aesthetic. What’s the inspiration behind your packaging?

Thank you! We had so much fun with the packaging by putting each blend’s unique animal character on the front, as each character represents a different type of coffee drinker. It’s nice for people to find a character they can relate to.

Kennedy Dierks

Does your relationship to social media influence your product packaging and its visual appeal? How?

When creating packaging for our Chamberlain products, I definitely try to keep in mind what I think would be “cool” from the consumer perspective, based on what I’ve been loving. I get inspiration from everywhere. Clothes, architecture, animation, and everything in between. With the packaging for our Matcha Lemonade with Swoon, we wanted to create vibrant packaging that was catchy, unique and fun.

What are some ways you use social media to build community within your audience?

By sharing an honest and vulnerable side of myself, I am able to connect with the people who watch my videos. People connect with honesty and vulnerability, and naturally, connection builds community.

How have you found success on each platform? Has the success you’ve seen on Instagram and TikTok varied from YouTube? How?

I only use Instagram and YouTube, but I have found that both are very special in their own way. I love sharing my REAL life on YouTube, while I use Instagram as a place to share things that I find aesthetically amusing, like clothes, places I visit, etc.

I love how outspoken you are about mental health. Why do you feel it’s so important to talk about, and how does it affect your presence online?

I try to share as many of my own personal experiences as I feel comfortable to because I know how comforting it can be. Struggling with your mental health can be isolating, scary, and confusing. My goal is always to help people feel more comfortable, less scared, and less alone.

Our audience is primarily Gen Z, many of whom are major foodies interested in combining their love for food with their hobbies. After this experience, do you have any advice for them?

If you have an idea, go for it! It can be hard to create something new and combine the things you love, but it’s so rewarding.

What is your favorite Chamberlain Coffee drink to date? How about Swoon?

Aside from the Matcha Lemonade? My favorite Swoon drink is Ginger Lemonade right now. As for Chamberlain Coffee, I’m obsessed with the Witty Fox Hazelnut blend.

Who is your greatest foodie inspiration? Social media inspiration? Why?

Honestly, everyone and no one! There’s nobody in particular who inspires me [on social media], I see so much cool stuff in my explore page. As for food, Claire Saffitz is so knowledgeable when it comes to baking. I’ve learned so much about it from watching her videos. Maybe one day I’ll actually use some of my knowledge… I don’t bake very often.

And lastly, I have to ask -- What is your go-to coffee order?

Cold brew with almond milk, but when the weather is cold I’ll order a cortado with almond milk. If I’m making coffee at home, then it's literally anything and everything (using Chamberlain Coffee).

Swoon Matcha Lemonade is sold in a 12 oz can on Amazon, and for $3.49 each, or you can try a case for $39.99. You can also keep an eye out for Swoon Matcha Lemonade at retailers including GoPuff in LA, NY, and Chicago; Erewhon; Mother’s Market; Foxtrot; Fresh Time Market; and more.