The holiday season is a time to gather with friends and family, and celebrate. It’s also a time where we enjoy tons of food and drinks. Enter Whipshots, Cardi B’s brand new boozy whipped cream. Let Cardi’s combination of vodka and whipped cream take your holiday dessert game up a notch! 

Cardi B has partnered with Starco Brands to launch Whipshots. There are currently three flavors offered: Mocha, Vanilla, and Caramel, at 10% alcohol by volume. Each is dairy-free, and does not need to be refrigerated.

Whipshots would be a good addition to any holiday dessert or drink. Think pie, ice cream, cake, even hot chocolate. The options are endless. In an Instagram post, Cardi B said “You never had whipped cream like this before.”

If you’re interested in getting an early taste before the whipped cream hits retailers early next year, check out The website will drop 500 cans daily throughout the holiday season.

The site has six different drink recipes featuring Whipshots, as well as a demonstration by Cardi B making each drink. “Mocha Money Moves” combines vanilla vodka, chocolate liquor, amaro, and limoncello with Mocha Whipshots. “Cardi Cocoa'' also sounds like a fun spin on hot chocolate, topped with Caramel Whipshots.

Whipshots are expected to be in stores early next year. There will be a 50mL size offered for $5.99, 200mL for $13.99, and 375 mL for $19.99.

Cardi B’s boozy whipped cream is sure to spice up the holiday season, as well as your dessert table this year!