As my phone alarm barks *get the frick outta bed,* I reluctantly blink my eyes open. Monday. Nope. I roll over. The alarm wails, and this time it seems louder. I stop the incessant sound drilling my left ear. I get up. I sip my coffee and scroll through my social media, my stomach gurgling, begging "feed me." I peel open the refrigerator then I start my diet.

My heart races. My hands sweat. I break into a smile; it's taco time. Monday? Tacos. Tuesday? Tacos. Friday? Yep. You guessed it, tacos! The greatest week of my existence has begun; it's time for tacos EVERY DAY

The Diary of a Taco Junkie, Day by Day 


It's been a long Monday (something I convince myself EVERY Monday), and the only place on my mind is Las Margaritas on Northwest 39th Street. Not only does Las Margaritas have drink specials all day, everyday, including 2 for $6 margs, but it also uses home-grown and locally sourced ingredients.  I order fish tacos, and I am not disappointed.


With an empty stomach and watering mouth, I drive myself to Chuy's, a Tex-Mex restaurant on Southwest Archer road. It's important to note that Chuy's hand-makes all its tortillas (daily). Also, its Tuesday taco deal is called "Muchos Tacos," which includes four mini-tacos served with guac, refried beans and green chile rice. My tummy had never been happier.

#SpoonTip: Monday through Friday, Chuy's also has Happy Hour, which offers a free, fully loaded nacho car, $4.95 house-made margaritas and other drink deals. 


How can I resist $1 hardshell tacos? The answer to that rhetorical question is, I can't, especially not during my "tacos every day" diet. Tucked away on Northwest 25th Street, Blue Agave Mexican Restaurant offers the finest taco deal in town. Why not end hump day with a deliciously cheap, yet equally flavorful taco?  


La Tienda is my only saving grace this Friday Junior. Knowing that at 1:30 p.m. my mouth will be filled with rich, authentic Mexican flavors makes the long morning seem bearable. La Tienda's tacos are served in threes with a side of lime. It's also nice to know that if you make it a meal (AKA washing your tacos down with a beer) you get complimentary chips and salsa. Thursday lunch done right.


The weekend is in plain sight, and there's only one place I have in mind for my Friday taco escapade: Cilantro Tacos. This mom and pop taco joint, located on Newberry, will have you dreaming of tacos into the weekend (seriously I woke up the next day craving the grilled shrimp tacos). Everything is fresh, the tortillas are homemade and the salsa is to die for. 


Saturday's are for the boys, but mostly for the tacos. My stomach (weirdly) still begs for tortillas, beans, cheese and rice. I drive myself to  La Pasadita. The quaint restaurant is decorated with traditional Mexican gusto, so La Pasadita is the real deal. My steak tacos leave me satisfied.


There are two commonly underrated, under-paired words in the Spanish dictionary: Boca and Fiesta. As my "taco every day" diet comes to a sad end, I make my way over to THE  Boca Fiesta. This is obviously the most iconic name for a Mexican restaurant as well as a Gainesville cult classic.  And so I brunch on tacos. As the last bean slides into my belly, a tear simultaneously slips from my eye - my taco diet is over. 

To tie everything together with a nice ribbon, the tacos every day diet was disgustingly wonderful. However, I do not recommend making this a life style.

But I Leave You With This...

Samantha Sontag

You can't just look forward to Taco Tuesday; there are far too many tacos to try. Every day is taco day if you will it. 

#SpoonTip: Making your own tortilla is as easy as 1,2,3. Seriously, there are only three ingredients you need to make an amazing tortilla: water, masa harina and salt/pepper for flavor.